Sunday, May 4, 2008

News, news and more news

Greetings my bored readers. Sorry I haven't updated you in a while. We have been pretty busy with housework, yardwork and work. See where this is going. A lot of work stuff. LOL. Which is leading me up to my first big news post. We have decided to take a cruise for our anniversary in Jan. There is a carnival cruise leaving out of Galvestion, TX on Jan 4th and it's a 7 nighter. We will be stopping off at montego Bay, Grand Cayman and of course Cozumel. I'm so excited. They were having a big sale on Thursday so we splurged and we are doing a balcony room this time around. I'm so excited about that. We have already started thinking about our excursions and so far have decided upon s snorkeling expedition in Grand Cayman where you get the barrier reef there, the stingray city where you snorkel with stingrays, and one other snorkel spot. In Cozumel we are deciding between a beach day with all you can drink and eat fun or going to Xel-hal for snorkeling as well. Since that is what Cozumel is all about. We will probably just do some shooping at the cruise terminal area in Montego Bay since we will be in the sun a lot on the last two days, we don't want to burn and not want to do the stuff at the last two stops. My parents are probably coming on the cruise as well after hearing about the killer deals. And my brother and his girlfriend are possibly booking this as well. I know Ian's parents are probably coming as well, so it will fun. We can do stuff together or go our seperate ways which is one thing I love about cruising.We will have formal night, the night of our anniversary so I'm looking forward to that. We will definitely get dressed up and go this time. I'm already thinking about shopping for some things since when it gets closer to cruise time it will be winter and the summer stuff will no longer be out.

Next bit of news. My sister, BIL and two nieces move on Tuesday to Ft. Hood so they will be maybe an hour away from us. I'm looking forward to them being closer so I can get to see them a lot more often. i will have to watch it as I don't want them getting sick of me and regret living closer. I can also babysit for them when they need or want to go out on a date. I can't wait.

Work is still going well. I'm enjoying it and I'm getting better at it. My numbers improve and I get a lot of positive feedback from the customers. So I'm happy about that. Other than that, all is good in Faas World. Until next time

`hugs is a countdown to our cruise so I can look at it and see where we are at.