Thursday, February 22, 2007

"Somewhere Beyond the Sea"

We are down to only 3 days to go until we leave for Galveston and we are getting excited. We are going to pack the bags and check off the list Saturday. I just hope I can get in some good sleep in between Saturday night and Monday morning when we board the ship. I just might have to have a margarita at dinner Sunday night so I can get some good sleep. Hopefully we give the cat enough love in between now and when we leave on Sunday, so we don't come home to a grouchy cat, and torn up furniture. I have a surprise for Ian that is going to be delivered to our stateroom for that first day. I ordered some chocolate covered strawberries and champagne. Since this was our 5th year wedding anniversary gift, I figured it was fitting. Plus he is always the one to surprise me, so I thought, what better time for me to surprise him. So if any of ya'll read this and we happen to talk to you before we leave, do not say anything to Ian about it. I think that about covers it. I probably won't be on here to post again before we leave, so we will be back with a full trip update when we get home.


Monday, February 12, 2007


I forgot to set the alarm last night but thankfully I woke up to use the restroom and we were five minutes from the last snooze we allow ourselves. Not like Ian has very far to go but I know he likes his wake up time in the morning. We had a pretty relaxing weekend. We just lazed around the house on Saturday. I fixed my infamous ribs and they turned out the best yet. Yumm...Then on Sunday we woke up around 8:30 thanks to the cat and went shopping. We headed down to Buda, TX to go to Cabellas since we knew they had the aquapac's in store. So we get there and they only had 4 different styles and not the really small one we wanted, but the med sized one wasn't much larger than the small so we got it. They are really put together well. And for those that don't know what they are, it's a pouch that has a watertight seal so you can put your id's, cash, credit cards, etc in them and wear it in the water so you don't have to leave it with your towels and pray it doesn't grow legs and disappear on you.Then we made our way down to Target and got Ian a new swimsuit, some shirts for both of us, aloe vera gel, along with a bunch of other stuff. Then we zoomed down to Harbor Freight to get a new jack and tire iron for the truck since we needed them. Now I'm not as concerned about our drive down to Galveston. We were gone yesterday from around 9 am until 5pm...What a long day.

That pretty much sums up our weekend. Ian woke up this morning not feeling well, so if he still feels like crud tomorrow, I'm going to pick up some zicam stuff. Don't need him sick or me catching whatever he might have this close to the cruise.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Good Morning!

Most of you know we have a cat named Mistophelee's(she is named after magical Mistophelee's from the musical Cats). She can be very trying at times and this weekend was one of those times. Let me explain....

When we celebrated Christmas at my grandma's this year, we decided no gifts for the adults and instead did a white elephant sort of thing. Well one of the gifts we brought home had been packaged in a box that has a flip over lid. Well we noticed the cat took a liking to this box so we sat it down on the floor from the kitchen table with the box top flipped open. She loves laying in it, hiding in it waiting to pounce on you, clawing on it, etc....Well from her clawing at it, she has ripped pieces off so we are constantly tearing them off, so she doesnt eat them. Well, Friday she was going to town on it, so Ian closed it up, and hid it from her. Well she punished us for taking away her box. She threw fits all weekend long, woke us up early all weekend long. So on Sunday, Ian takes it down, puts a blanket over it to make it more like a bed for her. After a long investigation all day Sunday, she finally shuts up about it. She has a very unique personality that is all her.

We are officially on countdown for the cruise. So be prepared to hear a lot about our preparations for that as well as for the big move. We will be getting ready to get on that cruise ship three weeks from today. Since we are staying in Galveston the day we return as well, if we aren't too sunburned, I will find a local walgreens in Galveston to get our pictures developed from the waterproof cameras we are taking with us. So when we get home on that Sunday, I can scan them in and upload them for ya'll to see. That is all for now.


Sunday, February 4, 2007

An interesting weekend

It all started with how our Friday ended. We have some big news for people....Are you ready for this....Ian is being relocated to Oklahoma City for work. They are opening a new Dell facility there and Ian put in his name to be considered for the relocation. He finally received an email Friday afternoon from the manager that will become his manager, addressing his team. It only had two other dell employee's names on it so we are excited that Ian is one of the elite three as we call it to get to go. The manager was basically letting them know, thank you for your patience in finding out the logistics of the move, such as money, time off to do the move, the dates they want us there by, etc. It is taking HR a little longer than expected to figure out something. We are thinking it has to do with how much time they are going to be given to find a place and for the move itself without having to take any time from their personal stash of vacation time. So as soon as we get the date they want us their by, we will be planning a trip to Oklahoma city to scout out a place to live. For those that live there already, if you are out an about, and you happen to see a home for rent, if you don't mind taking down the phone number for us we would appreciate it. We would love to find a home/town home/condo for rent no higher than $750 a month. So if you have any inside information, just send it our way via email, or however.

In other news, we went cruise ware shopping and so many places still have no shorts, or men's swim suits out yet. We decided we are just going to wait until the weekend before we cruise to try again. We are pretty confident with waiting until later in Feb we will be able to better find stuff. We did buy a DC17 Dyson Animal vac though and I love that thing already. I could not believe the amount of stuff it pulled up from our carpets. Wow is all I have to say about that. It was a little pricey but we figured if we take good care of it, we should have it for a lot longer than any other vac and it will pay for itself because we won't be having to constantly replace it. That is all our news for now. Stay tuned because I'm sure in the next couple of months, things will be getting very interesting around here.


Friday, February 2, 2007

The first blog in this journey

We have finally decided to create a blog page just for us, our friends, and family. We will mainly use this blog to update ya'll on what is going on in the life of us.

We are going on a Caribbean cruise this month, and both of us are really looking forward to it. We leave on Feb 26th and the cruise gets back on March 3rd. We are sailing on Royal Caribbeans, splendour of the seas ship that leaves out of Galveston for the ports of Cozumel and Costa Maya. We have two excursions booked. In Cozumel we are going to Xcaret, which is an archaeological/marine park. They have an underground river, you can snorkel through and you go through some caves, they have inlets and cenotes to snorkel in as well. Then in Costa Maya, we opted for just a beach day at Tequila Beach. We got a package deal there, where it's all you can eat and drink, as well as use of the beach club's felicities. We can hardly wait. It will be my first cruise and Ian's second. I'm going to be taking a lot of pictures so be ready for an onslaught of pictures to look at when we get back.

That is all the news for us now.