Thursday, February 22, 2007

"Somewhere Beyond the Sea"

We are down to only 3 days to go until we leave for Galveston and we are getting excited. We are going to pack the bags and check off the list Saturday. I just hope I can get in some good sleep in between Saturday night and Monday morning when we board the ship. I just might have to have a margarita at dinner Sunday night so I can get some good sleep. Hopefully we give the cat enough love in between now and when we leave on Sunday, so we don't come home to a grouchy cat, and torn up furniture. I have a surprise for Ian that is going to be delivered to our stateroom for that first day. I ordered some chocolate covered strawberries and champagne. Since this was our 5th year wedding anniversary gift, I figured it was fitting. Plus he is always the one to surprise me, so I thought, what better time for me to surprise him. So if any of ya'll read this and we happen to talk to you before we leave, do not say anything to Ian about it. I think that about covers it. I probably won't be on here to post again before we leave, so we will be back with a full trip update when we get home.


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