Friday, April 18, 2014

Holy cow an update!!!

There has been so much going on in our lives so I haven't posted an update for months now. I do apologize about that but I do have a ton to share with my faithful readers that I have still.

First, my baby sister Misty was married in a beautiful ceremony almost a month ago now. The ceremony was beautiful and it turned out great. I have a few pictures I will share with my readers at the end of the post.

Second, Ian and I were working up at AT&T now as chat specialist for the tech department. The Wed after my baby sister's wedding we both got really sick. We were running fever of 103, vomiting among other things. As the job was still so new we didn't have insurance kick in yet so we couldn't go to the dr. We both couldn't keep anything down, not even water. Lets just say it was a miserable few days. We finally were able to fill halfway decent by Sunday.

We got up to go to work, thinking we were both going to be fired because during training you can't miss more than a day and we missed three. So we were called in to the director's office and I was let go but Ian got to stay because he had tenure from when he worked at cingular so he had more points he could receive before being let go. So needless to say we have been hurting financially. It's been a rough few weeks.

I got back in the job search right away and got numerous interview requests but nothing was resulting from them. I registered with numerous temp agencies hoping they would get me something but no luck.

But that luck has quickly turned around. I had job interviews at Dell and Gamefly last week. Gamefly offered me a position last Friday and today I got an offer with Dell. The Dell position pays nearly $3.00 more per hour than the Gamefly and has far more opportunities for me to grow than Gamefly so I have decided to accept Dell.

So on May 12th, I will be in training for 6-8 weeks learning to be a techie and I am looking forward to it. I will be making almost as much at Blizzard when that position ended. That is just crazy to me. Plus at Dell they get 2 bonus's a year of 2 percent of what you make a year so that will be some nice bonus money. We will be socking some back once we repay some people for their help after we are caught up. That way if anything were to ever happen again we have money set aside to help just in case. It has sucked not having a cushion like we should.

Ian will be on my insurance because at Dell it will kick in immediately where AT&T it won't start until August. I think in a way this was a blessing too because with us being at different companies if they were ever to do layoffs like at Blizzard we won't both be impacted. So that is a huge plus.

So wish me luck as I start this new endeavor. It will be scary but awesome at the same time.

Now for some pictures from my sisters wedding.