Tuesday, September 27, 2011

One month at a time

Is it me or did this month just fly be. I can't believe we are only a few short days away from October 1st. Argh...

Ian's eye surgery went really well. He had the post op appointment on that Friday after surgery to ensure everything was healing well. They also checked his vision and he has 20/15 which is freaking amazing. Its still taking time to get used to seeing him nonstop without glasses now. He looks the same for the most part but you know how that goes. I see him non stop but there is a slight difference to him too.

I found out today that I was nominated by my team manager for a special dinner and movie thing with the main guy over Austin's facility and the other reps nominated by their managers. So it should be fun. I get the monday off before because of it too. It's movie and dinner at the movie theatre that we love with the recliners. Then my birthday will be here before I know it and then it will be time to go to OK and visit "mama and papa faas".

I need to figure out our budget too so I can set aside some money to pay a little on the trip. This way when we have the final payment on December 8th, we don't have to pay as much out of pocket.

Not much else to say currently. Going to go relax and watch some of my chich shows I taped while waiting for Ian to get off of work.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Why is it that when you are on weekend time can fly but when you are working time goes slow.

I think that is how most people feel but sometimes my weekends go by just a tad too fast. We at least have a nice long weekend coming up in October. I'm really looking forward to it because of a few reasons. One is that we will be traveling to OK to visit Ian's parents, or "Mama and Papa Faas" as we call them. The other reason is I get Ian for four whole days. Plus it will be shortly after my birthday and we will be towards the end of the month. Making our trip that much closer in Jan!

Then November we will be going to my parents for a long weekend for Turkey day. So excited about this. We will head to Kingwood on Wed probably around 11ish. Then we will head home on Friday and currently planning on stopping by the Ren Fest as we haven't been in 5+ years. Going to get discount tickets before going once we are sure we are going to go. I don't want to buy them unless we make the firm decision that this is a definite stop on the way home.

Then December we will have our work's christmas party in the middle of the month. Usually they have it around the 17th of the month. Will be cool to see where we have it this year.

Then we will be in Jan. Woot...

Ian sent the customer service people at Discovery Cove an email regarding their wetsuits and if they are available to be purchased in the gift shop for a souvenir and they said yeah.

Another major thing going on currently with us is Ian might be having the iLasik procedure done next Thursday. We were out getting the oil changed on my vehicle yesterday and while we were out he was like, hey lets go by the eye place I had found near us that we can possibly go to for our yearly exam. Set up appointments, and talk to them about the lasik procedure for me. So I was like, sure might as well get an idea on where it was. Well we went in to set up appt. and they were like for the initial lasik exam to see if you would be a candidate we could probably get you in within 15 mins. So we said sure as we didn't have to be home for another 3 hours before he had to go to work.

Well, they did the screenings and talked to him about it. So we said lets get the ball rolling. He had to be back there today for the comprehensive exam where they dialate the eyes stronger than normal to see how they adapt. It was like 8-10 times the strength of the normal ones.That was at 8:15 this morning. God we were tired...

He has an appointment on Friday at the place where the procedure will take place. They will do a similar screening to what they did yesterday. They will also talk to him about the financing as well. We can definitely afford the monthly payment we were quoted for 4 years. However that doesn't mean he will get approved for the money either. Only time will tell.

Once we found out about the healing process for the procedure we knew we wanted to have the max amount of time between the surgery and the trip. The more time the better. Especially since we have the dolphin swim and salt water tends to make you want to rub the eyes. Which is a big no no right after the procedure.

I think that is about it for now. I hope everyone is doing well.

take care.