Sunday, November 18, 2012

So many choices

There are so many from our anniversary trip in Jan. I think we are resorting more and more to either just going close by to sea world/six flags in San Antonio now.

The other options are some of the various cruises that leave out of Galveston. All of them still have cabins and we recently noted the Disney one has dropped majorly in prices. The guaranteed rooms are only 1500 for the both of us right now and it's an 8 night cruise. Plus we hear the shows on it are amazing, and the food is yummy as well.

We are still waiting until we see how much we have left over from our Christmas bonus checks before making that decision. If a cabin is not available then it wasn't meant to be.

Ian is taking a half day tomorrow so he will be home at 7:30ish and plan on cooking dinner. I love having days off together even if it's only a half day. We have our walk to do tomorrow as well. We are going to push for the 3.2 miles which is two laps around our park we take the doggie too. I hardly had any calf pain when we did the one lap last week so it's time to increase the distance once more. =)

Not much else is going on with us. Just wanted to give an update to everyone. If I don't post again before Thanksgiving, I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. We love you all and are really thankful we have you in our lives. /hug

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Holidays are around the corner

I absolutely love this time of year. The fall weather, the smells in the stores, pumpkin spice lattes, and vacation around the corner.

Still no word yet on if they are going to make more spots available for thanksgiving just yet. I'm hoping that as our queue's are coming down they decide more can be off. I would love to be off both turkey day and the day after with Ian for the holidays. We would just stay put because we would have to work on Sat but to be off two days with him would be amazing.

Speaking of Ian. He won an award at our awards ceremony yesterday. He was most improved for the Austin location over the last quarter. So everyone give him a hand. /clap.

Still no clue on the vacation front. It depends on so many things so once we have made that decision next month I will be updating the blog with our choice.

I get to make our adr's for our May trip next week, so going to compile a list of our must do's. We might end up cancelling if we end up pursuing other jobs in Houston. The funds from our income tax would need to go towards moving expense if that happens.

So many changes possibly coming in our life but for the better. We hope everyone that reads this is doing well.


Sunday, November 4, 2012

so sick of being sick

Hey everyone. We had a rough last week. Sweetpea, Ian and myself were all sick. Sweetpea was diagnosed with Giardia so we have her on an antibiotic for that. Ian and I came down with the stomach flu and we are actually getting tested as well for the giardia as we had to pick up her poop last Sat and it was a mess. I know that is probably going to be tmi for everyone but just wanted to give an update as to what has been going on in our household.

We should know by tomorrow or tuesday if we have it. We are on an antibiotic just in case and if it comes back negative we can stop taking it.

Not much else going on in our life right now. We have just about two months until our anniversary. We will know what we are doing for our anniversary on or around December 14th. It's still up in the air if it's going to be a cruise, going to disney for a few days, or just going to San Antonio.

Sorry don't have more to report but not much going on with us right now. Hope everyone else is doing fine.