Monday, June 3, 2013

Grill and Sweetpea pictures

Hey everyone! I am back as promised with pictures of the new grill. Ian got it heated up to burn off the excess stuff on the grates before putting our turkey burgers on them. =)

There is also one with Sweetpea because she just had to get in it. =)

Hope everyone is doing well.


Happy early birthday and christmas to us

As many of you know we had a horrible wind storm back in March or April. I can't remember when now. But our gas grill went flying. So needless to say we don't trust it anymore and don't want to take a chance with using it. So we needed a gas grill to replace it. We went out window shopping to get an idea on pricing as it's coming to summer time and we like to grill to keep the heat down in the house from the oven.

We found a really nice one we liked at WalMart. It's a charbroil infared one with three burners. It wasn't too badly priced but it would take us until July to have enough for it due to other bills needing to be paid, such as the roof repair.

Ian's parents offered to buy it for us for an early birthday/christmas present which was very nice of them. So we went back and got it. Ian spent quite a bit of time putting it together and we will be grilling our first turkey burgers on it tonight for dinner. I promise to take pictures and will post them later. =)

A big thank you to them for that!!!!

Sunday May 5th

So we woke up and the swelling had went down tremendously on the ankle. I stepped out of bed to see if I could put any weight on it and I could. I had to limp to do it and put more weight on the left side but I could walk. So we decided I could wait to get it xrayed once we got home so we didn't have to worry about cabs and the charge for urgent care vs normal dr copays.

We had a long time to go until our flight that night and when the magical express would be picking us up at 3:30. So we decided to visit a small park so we chose Animal Kingdom as I still wanted to ride Everest. I took my time and we walked very slow to help me out. We sat a lot and people watched too so that was nice. We visited a section of the park that we had never been to as well. So that was nice.

Around 1:30 we made our way to the front of the park and caught a bus back. Then had time to use our last snack credits and chill till it was time to go out for the bus back to the airport. We made it through security pretty quickly and before we knew it the time to board the plane had been called. We were in the very last row and had the row to ourselves so that was nice. The flight was fast and very uneventful although it was shuddering some. When we landed we noticed the pilot off and looking under the left wing of the plane. Then while waiting to deplane we noticed they had a mechanic out there and going under it as well. Very strange and I'm glad nothing happened on the flight and we made it home safely.

So that was out trip in a nutshell. Fast and fun with some sadness thrown in due to being a did not finish the race number. We will redeem ourselves next time and we have a 5k coming up on the cruise ship.

Saturday May 4th - Race Day

We woke up on race day around 8 AM as we wanted to grab a quick bite to eat and then we had a bus to catch for packet pick up. As we headed out of the room we noticed it was already raining. Uh oh. Would this spell trouble for race day. If there is lightning they will postpone the race for a certain length of time and after so long it will be cancelled. That is one thing I was dreading because we likely wouldn't be able to make it back for the reschedule of it. =(

Luckily that did not happen but back to the story at hand. Ian went back to the room and grabbed our ponchos because we were unsure how long we might be in the rain for at the Wide World of Sports on the return trip. We had a yummy breakfast at the quick service at the resort. Then headed out to the bus stop and a bus came rather quickly. We were excited to see the Wide World of Sports complex as it was our first time ever needing to go over there. The cheerleader competition was going on too so that was kind of cool to see how that worked. I had watched several over the years including dance ones.

They let us in early for packet pick up since it was starting to come down pretty hard so that was nice of them. We got our packets pretty quickly and the flow they had made it easy to go through everything. They had some cool items for sale too and had a much better selection than I was expecting. Most of the time for the Everest challenge there is not really an expo but they had a nice mini one for us. =)

After we had everything situated we made our way back to the bus pick up to head back to the resort. Today was supposed to be a pool day and since there was no lightning we were like might as well go swimming since we will be wet anyway. However when we got back they had closed the pools as there was some lightning reported in the area and they don't take chances which is good. So today ended up being a read and nap day. We woke up around 5 to head down and have a nice pasta dinner to fuel up on carbs.

Then we got ready and went out for a bus around 8. The bus was filled with excitement as many were returning to a beloved race and some of us were newbies. The traffic was crazy to get into Animal Kingdom so we didnt actually get off the bus until about 9 PM. Once off we made our way over to our corral and got a nice place towards the front of it. This would prove to be a bad and good thing. We made friends with a mom and son doing it for their first time. They had just arrived the day before and were going to have park time after the race for the rest of the week. I would probably do that in the future myself. We should have arrived the day before the race and then had time at the parks after but you live and learn. LOL.

We were able to see special fireworks they had set up over at Hollywood Studios so that was cool. Then it was the magic hour of 10:00. They did the national anthem and a moment of silence for those lost in the Boston Marathon tragedy which we thought was cool. Then the first wave was off.

We had 40 more minutes to wait before our last wave would be off. We were finally at the starting line and were filled with so much excitement. We saw some of the first wave people finish the race so that was crazy fast for them. As we had our countdown we took off. We were ready to do a little bit of a jog at the start and then we were going to move our way over to the right side out of race courtesy to let those faster go by us on the left. So I turned to get a drink off our camelbak as I was thirsty and to go to a walk for our next interval. Right at that moment, my right foot stepped off the road and twisted. There was a good couple of inches that dropped off and wasn't expecting it.

When I fell my left leg slammed down to the road half on and half on the grass. Needless to say I was in extreme pain. Some nice people stopped to see if I was ok and to help me up. I stood up and could not put any pressure or weight on my right ankle so we called a medic over. They came over with a cart and wheeled me to the medical tent where we put ice on it and they assessed it. Needless to say it was swelling pretty quickly and just the DR touching it was putting me in tears. They told me I had a sprain for sure and would need to get it xrayed to make sure it wasn't so severe it would need surgery. So they pulled us from the race and told me to go back to the hotel and elevate it and alternate ice on and off for 20 mins for the night. So needless to say while I was waiting to be wheeled over for the handicap van they had for me, I was in tears. All our hard work down the drain because of a stupid accident.

Now the area on the course where I fell, the lightning was bad. The street light was out right there so I had no clue about the drop off. I told Ian next time we do it we will stay in the middle or at least not get too close to the side so we don't have this happen again. I was so upset as I was looking forward to the reward of training for something and completing it. It definitely gives me fuel to come back and finish it.

Ian was great through the whole thing as he was just as affected as I was by being pulled. He was a rockstar through it all.