Monday, June 3, 2013

Sunday May 5th

So we woke up and the swelling had went down tremendously on the ankle. I stepped out of bed to see if I could put any weight on it and I could. I had to limp to do it and put more weight on the left side but I could walk. So we decided I could wait to get it xrayed once we got home so we didn't have to worry about cabs and the charge for urgent care vs normal dr copays.

We had a long time to go until our flight that night and when the magical express would be picking us up at 3:30. So we decided to visit a small park so we chose Animal Kingdom as I still wanted to ride Everest. I took my time and we walked very slow to help me out. We sat a lot and people watched too so that was nice. We visited a section of the park that we had never been to as well. So that was nice.

Around 1:30 we made our way to the front of the park and caught a bus back. Then had time to use our last snack credits and chill till it was time to go out for the bus back to the airport. We made it through security pretty quickly and before we knew it the time to board the plane had been called. We were in the very last row and had the row to ourselves so that was nice. The flight was fast and very uneventful although it was shuddering some. When we landed we noticed the pilot off and looking under the left wing of the plane. Then while waiting to deplane we noticed they had a mechanic out there and going under it as well. Very strange and I'm glad nothing happened on the flight and we made it home safely.

So that was out trip in a nutshell. Fast and fun with some sadness thrown in due to being a did not finish the race number. We will redeem ourselves next time and we have a 5k coming up on the cruise ship.

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