Monday, January 18, 2010

OMG....A new post for the new year!

Good morning! It seems like I don't have enough time in a day anymore to do simple things that make me happy. One of my new years resolutions is to change that. I am taking time to do things that make me happy such as reading, working on my scrapbook, etc. I am going to make a Dr. appt for next month and start working on becoming a healthier better me. Ian is too. Speaking of vacation, it's just right around the corner now. So excited. The more reivews I read of the ship and staff the more excited I become. I need to stay away from my favorite cruise site because it makes the time go slower but alas it's great for tips on shows not to miss, or things to avoid so I must sacrifice myself. LOL. When we return from the trip I promise to take the time to write a nice review of everything and post pictures and video that I capture. We are only doing one excursion this trip. We figured we really loved our beach day in Cozumel last year that we are going back again this trip. However in our other two ports we will just jump ship long enough to shop and hopefully find some deals and then we will be back on the ship to really just enjoy it. I want to explore and we have vowed we will take naps in the afternoon so we can stay up late for the late night fun this trip.

We leave on Saturday for Galveston, and then if all goes well, we will board the ship by noonish on Sunday. I'm hoping thats the case so we can explore the ship before it gets more cruisers on board to get some good shots with the camera. Then we will have two sea days, one of which we are going to particpate in a mystery dinner theatre option in the optional resturaunt on board. It's an upcharge but it really sounded interesting and Ian really wants to do this so I figured why not. Then on Wed, we will be in Roatan, Honduras. We get long port days for a change. Each port we visit, we will be there from like 7 am until 6 pm. Most cruises we have been on, it's like 9 am till 4 or 5 pm. So we are really looking forward to this. On Thursday we will be in beautiful Costa Maya, Mexico. It was hit pretty hard back in 07 from a CAT 4 hurricane. The pier was torn in pieces that we had just been on with our first cruise. It was pretty bad as it's just a tiny fishing village, where the people are very friendly. We loved that town on our first cruise so I'm very happy to see they rebounded as quickly as they did. Then on Friday, we will be Cozumel. We plan on jumping ship around 8-9ish and heading for our beach day at Nachi. We plan on relaxing there until about 2ish and then we will head back to the port so we can shop for a while. Or we will reverse this and shop, take the goodies back to the boat and then go to Nachi. Who knows. We are on vacation with really no major plans this time so it will be relaxing all the same. Then on Sunday we will be back in Galveston and have to go through vacation withdrawl. That feeling always sucks. We plan on dropping in to Kingwood to visit my folks and drop off goodies for the family. Then we will either head back that evening after dinner or wait till the morning time. We keep going back and forth on this as we both will be ready to get home to start the unpacking/laundry/grocery shopping, etc. We will see how we feel on Sunday and then make the decision.

I will send both parents our cabin number for the cruise and phone numbers in case an emergency should come up to reach us. Expect that sometime this week.

I guess that covers it all for now. I will post when we get back.