Wednesday, January 18, 2012


So, I decided to start gathering up the stuff for the trip. I wanted to get the stuff together for the bag I'm taking on the plane with the magazines, books, travel stuff, etc.

Well that momentum carried me into starting to pack stuff like shorts, bathing suits, cover ups, etc. Then I ended up getting us pretty much fully packed except for stuff that we are still using like brushes, shampoo, etc. So pretty much all done which is the first time that I have been this packed before a trip in a long time. I generally tend to wait until the night before..LOL...and that is almost what happened for this one. I was like we don't fly out until 3 so we won't be leaving for the airport until 12 which means plenty of time. I am so stoked.

Going to head to bed in a few to try and get some sleep early. That is all for now...


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Vacation Time Finally!!!!

I think that title says it all. I'm officially on vacation and it could not feel any better than what it does.

Now is crunch time for us. We are hitting the grocery store in the morning and going by the bank to get our cash out for tips for mousekeeping,tips for the shuttle driver at the airport and tips for the bag guy. Pretty much everything else will just go on the room key.

I will also do laundry tomorrow and relax. Then on Wed I plan on getting most of the packing out of the way and relax. Mama and Papa Faas head towards us Thursday morning towards. We are going to do the Salt Lick for dinner for some yummy BBQ. Friday morning we have my eye dr appointment. Then we are going to take them to a movie at our favorite place and probably go to dinner at Gino's. Then Saturday we figured we could take a drive down the toll road and visit Cabellas and then have dunch at Gristmill in Gruene.

Then Sunday we fly out at excited but at the same time have nervous energy. I always get a little nervous with flying. I was thinking this morning when I got up...a week from tomorrow I would be at Discovery Cove and got this bit of excited laughter in my throat and just had the biggest grin on my face. I can't really explain it. However imagine one of your biggest dreams coming true...and then multiple that times 1000 and you probably can get my

I just hope the trip goes really well and we have a great time filled with laughter, and great memories.

I guess that is all for now. Until later...


Thursday, January 12, 2012


As we hit the ten day mark I was able to do the online check in for our reservations today!!! So exciting. I was having issues with the website and doing it so I called in and spoke with a wonderful cast member Shelly. This is the first of many I'm sure to come. We got our reservation and mama and papa Faas's reservation confirmed and room requests were made.

I put in that we want Casita 4 as it's right near bus stop 2 which is actually the first one they pick up and drop off from every day. It's closer to the main building and has a quiet pool. We are also a very short walk to the main pool which is supposed to be the best themed pool on property. They have the two largest hot tubs on property as well. They also tend to show a movie at night at this pool too. So excited it's going to be a wonder if I can contain it before then. I have work tomorrow through Monday with several meetings on two different days so that will help. Plus on Monday Ian and I will go have dinner at Texadelphia because it's by the Barnes and Noble so I can get some magazines for the plane ride. Nothing takes your mind off a flight like a good gossip magazine. LOL. It's my guilty pleasure for flying.

Then before we know it we will land and be on our way down to the magical express line.

Mama and Papa Faas are coming in on Thursday. So we plan to take them to the Best BBQ place in Texas, the Salt Lick. Then on Friday I have my eye Dr appointment and we will go to a movie and walk around the domain. Then on Sat we were thinking we would take a ride on the beltway south to Buda and go walk around Cabellas, then have dinner at the Gristmill. Then Sunday we fly out. Eek!!!!

Until next time.


Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I am so happy to be on weekend again! We are going to go grocery shopping in the morning. I have the list already made so hopefully it can be a quick and painless trip.

We are supposed to get the autograph books delivered tomorrow as well. So that is another thing I can check off the list. I am also going to work on laundry tomorrow evening once Ian goes to work.

Then on Wed I will probably start pulling all the paperwork together and making sure I have everything printed up on Thursday once I can do the online check in for both of us. I will get that paper work put in the file folder with our vacation stuff.

I also plan to start packing some of the items that we won't be using between now and then...Then I will be back to work on Friday. My numbers were up as of yesterdays numbers...I did just ok today...too many distractions. But if I can pull of around 9.5 per hour for the next four days of work I will meet expectations which is all that I care for right now. I'm exceeding them on my CSAT currenty. Have the highest on our team and like 18 in the pretty darn good if I say so. I have always done well in that area, it's the numbers that I could increase. I meet those as well but I would like to exceed them. Will work on it when I get back.

I think that is all for now...can't believe how fast it's flying now. I would think it would have started to slow down but flies and then my night flies, and it's a rinse and repeat cycle...

Take care for now.


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Two Weeks to Go!!!

As it's Sunday morning at midnight, we can officially say we are two weeks from our trip. I am in such disbelief over how quick the time is going by. I really thought it would go slower than what it has been. The only thing that really stinks is we have a short amount of time to put out some good ticket numbers. So the pressure has been on. I will be glad when the two weeks are over and I can officially relax on vacation.

I did make my eye dr appointment for Friday Jan 20th in the morning. It was set for the afternoon at 1 but they had to move it to get me in on this day. I got approved for a half day of sick for the dr appointment so I'm all see to begin as planned for vacation.

I have some plans to do this weekend. I plan on cleaning the house and getting the linens washed for our bed and the guest bed. I also plan on getting the confirmation numbers all in order in one place. I am going to also start packing the clothes we won't be using before then like the swimsuits, cover ups, shorts, etc.Then when it gets closer I will pack the other stuff...probably try to get everything packed on that Friday after my eye dr appointment except for the stuff I can't pack until that morning.

I get to do the online check in for our hotel part on Thursday as well. I have a building in mind for our stay and hope we luck out and get it. It's a building that is fairly close to the first bus stop that picks up and drops off for the parks. It's also got a quiet pool and a quick walk to the main building.

Hopefully we luck out on the location. =) I need to also start gathering up the camera stuff I want to take.

I also got the autograph books ordered and they are on their way so we should have them in time for the trip as well. woot!!!

Guess that is all for now. I'm sure I will be back sooner with more updates or just to post to see that countdown ticker again!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Today we officially entered into the teens to go for our trip. As you can tell I am one excited girl. I only have 8 more work days to go until vacation which looks even better to me in numbers. As when I'm on weekend it's pretty stress free but at work it's pretty stressful.

So lots going on as you can imagine. Our printer was out of black ink so when we went to the store today we were looking at the cost to get black and color ink for our printer. And then looked at the markdown prices on the Kodak printers and ended up just getting a new printer. Their ink is about 30 bucks cheaper than what we were paying for our other one. Plus the cost of the printer was the same as buying our black and color ink so might as well save some money in the long run. =)

We were going to wait until we got back from the trip before deciding to get a printer or just buy ink but then I remembered I would need to print our boarding passes for the departure flight on Sunday the 22nd. So need ink to do that so that pretty much helped us make our decision.

We bought a lot of needed items and got some things for the trip. When we get out on Sunday we are going to swing by the disney store at the outlet to get two autograph books for the nieces to surprise them with. Hopefully the waits for the meet and greets of the characters aren't bad. I'm thinking since we are going doing a low crowd time we should be ok if we get them the first few days we are in the parks. Then leave them in the room the other days and not worry about them.

I know up until Friday/Saturday most of the touring plan sites have our days listed as either 1's or 2's so very low compared to when we went in July which were like 8's.

I'm so very excited as well because on our first full day in Florida, that Monday, I will finally get to swim with the dolphins. I just hope I don't get all emotional and instead have the biggest grin on my face. But I have a feeling I will get a little teary in the eyes. It's been a life long dream of mine and to finally have it come true it's just beyond words.

Hopefully we will get a ton of good pictures while we are there in both disney and discovery cove.