Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Vacation Time Finally!!!!

I think that title says it all. I'm officially on vacation and it could not feel any better than what it does.

Now is crunch time for us. We are hitting the grocery store in the morning and going by the bank to get our cash out for tips for mousekeeping,tips for the shuttle driver at the airport and tips for the bag guy. Pretty much everything else will just go on the room key.

I will also do laundry tomorrow and relax. Then on Wed I plan on getting most of the packing out of the way and relax. Mama and Papa Faas head towards us Thursday morning towards. We are going to do the Salt Lick for dinner for some yummy BBQ. Friday morning we have my eye dr appointment. Then we are going to take them to a movie at our favorite place and probably go to dinner at Gino's. Then Saturday we figured we could take a drive down the toll road and visit Cabellas and then have dunch at Gristmill in Gruene.

Then Sunday we fly out at 3pm....so excited but at the same time have nervous energy. I always get a little nervous with flying. I was thinking this morning when I got up...a week from tomorrow I would be at Discovery Cove and got this bit of excited laughter in my throat and just had the biggest grin on my face. I can't really explain it. However imagine one of your biggest dreams coming true...and then multiple that times 1000 and you probably can get my feelings....lol...

I just hope the trip goes really well and we have a great time filled with laughter, and great memories.

I guess that is all for now. Until later...


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