Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!!

I plan on updating soon with some new pictures. However, tonights purpose is just to wish our friends and family a "Happy New Year". May all your dreams come true, and may each of you have a very Blessed New Year. We love you!


tammy and ian

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Just about moved in

Sorry I haven't gotten on here sooner to update how the move went but we have been busy unpacking and setting everything up. The movers did a great job. They were a little late but they had us moved in two hours time just about from loading up in Round Rock to unloading at the new home in Georgetown. We have just about everything unpacked. The only parts that need some work still are the office, which we are waiting on some stuff from Ian's parents to the garage area because Ian is still working out in his mind how he would like to set up his work shop out there. The cat is adjusting fine. She was up to her old tricks last night. She would get on the pony walls in our bedroom and anything that was on them, she knocked off. She is investigating the place more now for good hiding spots. Pictures up next of some of the rooms set up.

The kitchen

the new fridge in place

the kitchen table

the new table runner and place mats we got. We are going to do a coffee themed dining/kitchen area

Christmas wreath on the front door

the new curved shower curtain rod that Ian installed over the weekend

the office which is still a work in progress

the front guest room just about set up. we are getting a new mattress for the bed and need to put bedding on it

the front guest room still

the laundry room

our bed fit in with plenty of room on each side for side tables.

the dresser in place

another view of the bed

our double vanity

the master tub which is wonderful

the shower in the master bath with our over the shower door shampoo/soap holder. We love the shower the most.
the new toilet paper holder Ian installed as well. We had no room with where they put the original one at.

thats all for now. Will be back with more after the christmas holidays.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


As the title says, the home is officially ours. We did our final walk through which went extremely smoothe, and then we closed. We had a minor hiccup at the closing but it got figured out quickly and we were on our way to signing, "our life away". LOL...We of course had to go out for a celebratory dinner afterwards. We also called to have our fridge delivered for Friday. So, everything is coming together nicely for the move on Sat. Pictures up next.

Our keys, along with the extras they had made for us.

Just our two keys

Monday, December 3, 2007

back with pictures

I'm back with the pictures I promised earlier. The landscaping looks really nice. Can't wait to move in. Just a few more days to go.

the walkway up to the front door

our two trees

a different view of the trees

in front of the front guest bedroom
by the front door

by the driveway

sorry for the delay!

I apologize to my loyal readers for not updating sooner. We have been super busy getting the rest of the apt packed up and ready to move. Our first walk through went really well. JT, who's a supervisor over the construction crew walked us though and took down any notes of things we noticed that needed to get fixed. We will have our final walk through on Wed at 11am, and if all goes well we close at 2pm that same day. We have sod, tree's, bush's and plants officially in. We will go by this evening after picking up the civic and I will take some pictures for ya'll. It looks really nice. On Thursday and Friday, we will slowly be taking some stuff to the new home that the movers are not moving just so that gets done. We will be taking apart the bed Friday and sleeping on the mattress Friday night. We need to disassemble the washer and dryer too at some point. Probably thursday because I will do a final load of laundry Wed. The movers are scheduled to be here on Sat morning at 8 am, so hopefully by oneish we will be all moved in to the new place. We both can't wait!!!!

Alright, that is all for now. Be back this evening with pictures of the landscaping hopefully.


Thursday, November 15, 2007

Almost to the finish line!

The title says it all. We are almost to the finish line on our first house. We have less than three weeks until the tenative closing date and it makes it seem all within reach. I am betting sometime this week they will be finished with the sod/backyard fench. It would be awesome if they had the sod in by Sat since there is a pretty good chance for rain all day Sat. That would help it set in nicely. I have been busy setting up the new utility's as well as transferring the ones we are keeping. We will be using our cell phones for a home phone when we move because the cable phone will soon be coming to Georgetown and we will add that to our cable stuff once it does. So if you don't have both numbers let me know and I will get those to anyone that needs it. I am just about finished with the packing. All that is left are the essentials that we use that I will pack up the week after turkey day. We will just eat off of paper plates and drink out of plastic cups. I see a lot of tv dinners in our future that week. LOL. Hopefully after we get moved in we can get everything set up and be ready for guests by Christmas if not a little sooner. Pictures up next.

Our number plate is up!

Ian holding the number plate up

the new fixtures for our front door up

flooring in the laudry room

carpet is down

flooring in the dining room/kitchen

stove/microwave set up

Ian playing around in the shower in the master bathroom

master shower

Master tub is cleaned out and ready for use

fence posts going in for backyard

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Moving time soon approaching!

We have an update for the blog but no pictures this time. We were locked out and no one was at the office so we couldn't get the key. We have carpet/linoleum in all the rooms now. They put up the glass shower walls in the master shower. They have the ground ready for the sod and tree's to go in. I'm guessing they will be working on that this coming week. Which means we are just about done. We are going to go check up on it Wed evening when Ian gets off work so if it's locked up again, we will go grab the keys for it to get pictures of everything else.

On other news, we will be doing our first walk through Nov. 28th at 10 am. The second walk through Wed, December 5th at 11am, and if everything is up to our standards they have the closing appt. set for 2pm that same day. Which means moving day will be Saturday December 8th. That gives us just under a month to finish up the packing. I'm going to work my butt off on that this week. Hopefully have everything non essential packed. Then the week of the move, everything that was considered essential will be packed. I am hoping to secure our same moving company we used last time at the end of the week when I have a more accurate box count for them. I need to call around for the new utilities, as well as changing address for the ones we are keeping. So, needless to say a lot in the next few weeks will be going on. Hopefully once we are in the home we can unpack fairly quickly and possibly host Christmas this year. More on that front after we move in and have a better idea. So, I guess that is all for now.


Tuesday, November 6, 2007

House update

Went by the homestead today and boy did we get a surprise. The tile guy was still there working on grouting the tile area around the fireplace. He told us they plan on doing the carpet on Thursday. Woo Hoo! We also secured our home insurance today as well. We have light fixtures in, plumbing fixtures in, grouting done. So a lot to see. Pictures next!

The light on the right side of the garage, and our number will be under it

Tile in entryway is grouted now

ceiling fan in the living room up

recessed lights in the kitchen area
dishwasher installed

microwave/vent hood

kitchen sink in

chandelir in the dining area

ceiling fan in the master bedroom

plumbing fixtures in the master tub

sink fixtures

toilet in the master tub

the tile guy working on the fireplace

Friday, November 2, 2007

Our friday night check in

Went by the homestead when Ian got off. When we showed up all doors were locked and we looked in through the windows and could see work had been done. So at that point we knew we needed to go by the office to see about a key so we could get pictures. As we made it around to the house, I suggested we try the garage and what do you know. I got in and went to the back door to let Ian in. They have put in the tile in the entry way. We have the tile backsplash up in the kitchen as well. They still need to grout it but it looks good. They will probably do that and the tile around the fireplace at some point this weekend we have a feeling so it can set nicely. The dishwasher is at the house as well. It's just not installed yet. They have the countertops in the bathrooms, and the kitchen as well. The kitchen sink isn't installed just yet but it won't be long I'm sure. The master bathroom had the surround put in as well and it's looking really good. Ian even joked that he will have a hard time getting me out of it. It looks really luxurious and I can't wait. Although I won't be spending all my time in there. LOL. Pictures up next.

tile entryway

a view while we thought we were locked out still

tile backsplash in kitchen

kitchen countertop

tile that will be going up around the fireplace

surround on the master tub in master bathroom

shower surround up

soap bar in master shower

counter tops on in master bathroom