Tuesday, November 6, 2007

House update

Went by the homestead today and boy did we get a surprise. The tile guy was still there working on grouting the tile area around the fireplace. He told us they plan on doing the carpet on Thursday. Woo Hoo! We also secured our home insurance today as well. We have light fixtures in, plumbing fixtures in, grouting done. So a lot to see. Pictures next!

The light on the right side of the garage, and our number will be under it

Tile in entryway is grouted now

ceiling fan in the living room up

recessed lights in the kitchen area
dishwasher installed

microwave/vent hood

kitchen sink in

chandelir in the dining area

ceiling fan in the master bedroom

plumbing fixtures in the master tub

sink fixtures

toilet in the master tub

the tile guy working on the fireplace

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