Monday, July 30, 2012

Disney on the brain

So as the title says, we definitely have Disney on the brain. I remember when it was cruises on the brain. The more and more we talk about it, looks like we are going to do San Antonio for our anniversary. However we are liking the idea of Disney World around May 18th through the following Saturday for next year.

We are thinking we are going to take a day at least to visit Universal's park/Islands of Adventure. We really want to check out the Harry Potter part of the park as well as ride some of their rides. We know we are going to take one day to visit Typhoon Lagoon which is one of the water parks and that night go to Downtown disney. The Sunday after we arrive would be the day to check out Star Wars weekend out at Disney's Hollywood Studios park as this would be part of the whole reason to go back. Then the rest of the trip would fall in with a day at each of the 4 parks.

We aren't going to book it probably until December. That is usually when they release deals for that time frame. Hoping for free dining or room discount because then we might be able to stay at Animal Kingdom or the Poly for about the same price as a moderate. We will have to wait and see. Want to get certain things taken care of first and foremost. Then we will see what we have left and if it's affordable. That will come first as always.

The funny thing is we will hit 180 out for ADR reservations for Disney before we book the package. However I will go ahead and book the resturants we know for sure that we will want because I'm not going to risk not getting what we want as some book very far in advance like Ohanas at the Poly, and the new table service resturante in the Beauty and the Beast castle, "Be our Guest". I know already for the night we go to Magic Kingdom I will want to try it out. It opens up later this year so hopefully it's as great as it's being led to believe it will be. I know for our Sunday at Hollywood Studios I will want to book us the dinner package for Fantasmic as well. If we don't end up going I can just cancel those as it doesn't cost us a penny to book.

I know what hotel I want to book us for Jan in San Antonio. I'm just waiting to book it hoping maybe it will go down slightly in price. It has already gone down by 10 bucks so waiting to see if it goes down slightly more. I will probably book this by November no matter what as well since we are pretty set on going there for our anniversary itself.

Nothing too major going on with us right now. We are looking forward to some time off in Sept and then again in Oct for our birthdays. Work is keeping us busy of course. It's better to be busy at work then not so that's a good thing. If it was dead I would be worried about job cuts like earlier this year.

Guess that is pretty much it for now. Hope everyone else is doing well. ~Hugs

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Update of sorts

So it's my Saturday and I was sitting here waiting on some laundry to finish up and thought it would be fun to post an update. I can't believe July is just about over. We were just talking about how last year on this date we were flying out and getting surprised with an upgrade to a savannah view at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. Crazy how a year can go by so freaking fast. We are still debating what to do in Jan. We lean more and more to something simple in Jan like San Antonio and Sea World and then going to Star Wars Weekends in May or the Halloween stuff in October. I guess time will only tell. We have two plane tickets still to use that will expire in June so we might end up flying somewhere in Jan to use them as well. That was the only thing bad about buying those plane tickets for the trip we were going to do to star wars weekends this past June. We got them nice and cheap but they will expire in June if we don't use them. Work has been keeping us super busy. We had our company picnic this last Thursday and it was quite fun. Not much on the radar this coming week. Ian has a Dr. appointment tomorrow as a follow up. I am waiting on my email back to let me know when mine is. I need to get on some thyroid meds and need my check up. I'm hoping for an early appt and will just go with no food in my tummy so that way I can have my blood taken instead of having to make another appt for that. Ian's birthday will be just around the corner too. We are taking a nice long weekend for his bday. So excited for some quality time with him. Work is probably going to get super busy in the near future too so kind of enjoying this breath of air before it gets crazy. I guess that is all for now. Hope everyone is doing well. ~Hugs

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Yay for the weekend

Hey readers out there! I'm so glad it's the weekend. It was a rough week for me work wise. I don't know really have a why or reason behind why it was rough, but it was one of those weeks that you get to the end of it and just thank god that you survived it. We have our company's picnic this week so looking forward to it. It's at a dave and buster type of place and they are serving us BBQ at it as well. So that should be fun. It's on Thursday so Ian is off already and then we are getting released at 6pm to head over for it, so I will be off almost 5 hours earlier that I would have been. We don't have a whole lot going on other than that. Just work work work really and some fun times in between when we can. I can't believe we are almost half way through July already. Where does the time go honestly? I know as we get older it does tend to go by pretty fast but sheesh, this is just plain crazy to me. LOL. Ian took tomorrow off so we will have a day off together. So I'm looking forward to that. We are going to the park if the weather holds out for us. We also want to go to the pool too. Only time will tell how the weather will behave for us. Guess that is all my ramblings for now. Take care everyone! ~Hugs

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Things on the up and up

So after re-working out budget, things are definitely improving for us. We managed to get all bills paid on time, and had over 200 left over. We get paid again on Friday so this is much better than it has been for the last two months. YAY!!! We have started to look into various things to possibly do for our anniversary in Jan. We have a few things on our radar but only time will tell if our budget can afford it. We are taking off in Sept for a long weekend for Ian's birthday. Then we have a long weekend planned in October for my birthday. My parents are going to likely come up for my birthday this year. Yay!! Then we are going to take time in November for turkey day. Just the day of turkey day and the day after. So will just stay put and plan our own Thanksgiving feast here. Not a whole lot going on in our world right now. We are just working, working, working. We should find out soon enough if Ian gets to swap shifts in the next week or so. Keep your fingers crossed for us. I guess that is all for now. I hope everyone out there is doing ok. ~Hugs

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Stinks to be a grown up sometimes

So we had to come to a tough decision this week. We were very tight money wise when we got so sick in May so we decided that we wanted to get some of our debt paid down and put aside some money in a savings acct. So we decided to cancel the cruise. We worked it out where we could still be able to go on it, but we would be tight after paying bills, and the payment for the cruise. So we decided to just do something small for our anniversary this Jan like San Antonio. Then depending on how the income tax refund and profit sharing looks we will either go for a cruise to Alaska in July/Aug or Southern Caribbean/Eastern Caribbean in Jan 2014. We will keep everyone updated once we get decisions made. I know there was one itenrary we were liking that is out of FL that is a two week cruise that does one route of the south caribbean one week and then a different one the next week. I think we made the wise decision with this choice but I won't lie and say I'm not bummed. I was really looking forward to going in Jan as it's been almost two years since the last one. We both had a good work week last week on our new teams. I really hope we can get Ian swapped over to a shift with sun/mon or mon/tues off so we can have a day off at least together. Only time will tell.