Sunday, July 1, 2012

Stinks to be a grown up sometimes

So we had to come to a tough decision this week. We were very tight money wise when we got so sick in May so we decided that we wanted to get some of our debt paid down and put aside some money in a savings acct. So we decided to cancel the cruise. We worked it out where we could still be able to go on it, but we would be tight after paying bills, and the payment for the cruise. So we decided to just do something small for our anniversary this Jan like San Antonio. Then depending on how the income tax refund and profit sharing looks we will either go for a cruise to Alaska in July/Aug or Southern Caribbean/Eastern Caribbean in Jan 2014. We will keep everyone updated once we get decisions made. I know there was one itenrary we were liking that is out of FL that is a two week cruise that does one route of the south caribbean one week and then a different one the next week. I think we made the wise decision with this choice but I won't lie and say I'm not bummed. I was really looking forward to going in Jan as it's been almost two years since the last one. We both had a good work week last week on our new teams. I really hope we can get Ian swapped over to a shift with sun/mon or mon/tues off so we can have a day off at least together. Only time will tell.

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