Sunday, July 22, 2012

Update of sorts

So it's my Saturday and I was sitting here waiting on some laundry to finish up and thought it would be fun to post an update. I can't believe July is just about over. We were just talking about how last year on this date we were flying out and getting surprised with an upgrade to a savannah view at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. Crazy how a year can go by so freaking fast. We are still debating what to do in Jan. We lean more and more to something simple in Jan like San Antonio and Sea World and then going to Star Wars Weekends in May or the Halloween stuff in October. I guess time will only tell. We have two plane tickets still to use that will expire in June so we might end up flying somewhere in Jan to use them as well. That was the only thing bad about buying those plane tickets for the trip we were going to do to star wars weekends this past June. We got them nice and cheap but they will expire in June if we don't use them. Work has been keeping us super busy. We had our company picnic this last Thursday and it was quite fun. Not much on the radar this coming week. Ian has a Dr. appointment tomorrow as a follow up. I am waiting on my email back to let me know when mine is. I need to get on some thyroid meds and need my check up. I'm hoping for an early appt and will just go with no food in my tummy so that way I can have my blood taken instead of having to make another appt for that. Ian's birthday will be just around the corner too. We are taking a nice long weekend for his bday. So excited for some quality time with him. Work is probably going to get super busy in the near future too so kind of enjoying this breath of air before it gets crazy. I guess that is all for now. Hope everyone is doing well. ~Hugs

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