Monday, July 30, 2012

Disney on the brain

So as the title says, we definitely have Disney on the brain. I remember when it was cruises on the brain. The more and more we talk about it, looks like we are going to do San Antonio for our anniversary. However we are liking the idea of Disney World around May 18th through the following Saturday for next year.

We are thinking we are going to take a day at least to visit Universal's park/Islands of Adventure. We really want to check out the Harry Potter part of the park as well as ride some of their rides. We know we are going to take one day to visit Typhoon Lagoon which is one of the water parks and that night go to Downtown disney. The Sunday after we arrive would be the day to check out Star Wars weekend out at Disney's Hollywood Studios park as this would be part of the whole reason to go back. Then the rest of the trip would fall in with a day at each of the 4 parks.

We aren't going to book it probably until December. That is usually when they release deals for that time frame. Hoping for free dining or room discount because then we might be able to stay at Animal Kingdom or the Poly for about the same price as a moderate. We will have to wait and see. Want to get certain things taken care of first and foremost. Then we will see what we have left and if it's affordable. That will come first as always.

The funny thing is we will hit 180 out for ADR reservations for Disney before we book the package. However I will go ahead and book the resturants we know for sure that we will want because I'm not going to risk not getting what we want as some book very far in advance like Ohanas at the Poly, and the new table service resturante in the Beauty and the Beast castle, "Be our Guest". I know already for the night we go to Magic Kingdom I will want to try it out. It opens up later this year so hopefully it's as great as it's being led to believe it will be. I know for our Sunday at Hollywood Studios I will want to book us the dinner package for Fantasmic as well. If we don't end up going I can just cancel those as it doesn't cost us a penny to book.

I know what hotel I want to book us for Jan in San Antonio. I'm just waiting to book it hoping maybe it will go down slightly in price. It has already gone down by 10 bucks so waiting to see if it goes down slightly more. I will probably book this by November no matter what as well since we are pretty set on going there for our anniversary itself.

Nothing too major going on with us right now. We are looking forward to some time off in Sept and then again in Oct for our birthdays. Work is keeping us busy of course. It's better to be busy at work then not so that's a good thing. If it was dead I would be worried about job cuts like earlier this year.

Guess that is pretty much it for now. Hope everyone else is doing well. ~Hugs

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