Monday, August 6, 2012

Feeling good about life

I am sure many are curious about this title and what is the meaning behind it. We have made some changes at home with food and started our new exercise regimen. I was really dreading getting up as early as we did today to go for a mile walk. However once we got going it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

We did a mile right at 20 minutes. We want to get that to about 16 mins and do 3 miles at that pace for a 5k in Jan we might do. It will depend on what the money situation looks like in a few weeks if we do the Jan one or not. If we can't do that one we will do one in May instead. Either way it's nice to have something to achieve and that always makes you feel good when you can hit it. For our 1st day starting it though I was pleasantly surprised at our pace. I'm sure Ian could have done it quicker but he went with me at my pace.

We are on a every other day training cycle and on the off days we will go to the pool and swim while we can. If we get to join the rec center we can swim every day for sure once it gets cold.

Work is going ok right now. I pick up an hour of overtime on the days Ian and I get to ride in together, so I'm getting about 8 hours for every paycheck. That extra money is helping us out too. I have been trying to work on improving the amount of calls I take each hour and there are some good days and some bad days. It really depends on the caller too and I know that. I need to cut back on the chit chat when the call is pretty much completed and that would help some. But it's so easy to talk to them and most of our callers are friendly.

Not much else to speak about. I will post this countdown ticker to our anniversary and possible trip. Even thought we don't know for sure just yet what that will be. It's good to watch something count down.

I will post it in the next post all by itself.


Dreamingof03 - Heather said...

What time are you guys going walking? Justin and i have been talking about doing walking on my days off. I definitely need to get a good cardio routine going. I am really excited for you guys^.^

Ian and Tammy Faas said...

Hey Heather, We typically get up around 7:30 AM to go for the walk. We are doing it every other day right now for Mon/Wed/Fri and then will possibly amp that up as we get used to is.