Saturday, August 11, 2012

some changes to our training plans

Good evening everyone!!! So we have some slight changes to our training plans. I overdid the walking yesterday morning and got so overheated, it caused me to get dehydrated and sick to my stomach. So if we get up in the morning if it's superhot, I will be doing my walking inside on the treadmill instead of outdoors.

We have decided to wait and do the 5k in May instead of Jan to get more time to gear up for it because 4 months would be to short to do this smart. I got some new walking shoes, shorts and socks for this so hopefully they all help us. Then I have my dr appt in October so it will give me more time to be on meds as well. I'm sure I will be put on some thyroid meds since I have a very slow thyroid.

That will help us get to a good position for the May one. The one in may is called the Expedition Everest Challenge. It's an obstacle and scavenger hunt 5k in the Animal Kingdom park. They have a fun after party too where we can actually ride Expedition Everest in the dark which sounds like a blast to me.

The May one is on May 4, 2013. They have the Epcot garden festival around then too so we should get to see some of the pretty topiary's they do for this specifically which will be neat. We will probably head to the world the Monday or Tuesday before the race and stay for a week. I know Ian's been bugging me to check out Islands of Adventure too so we might add a day to go over and see this park and check out the area they opened up for Harry Potter. Like he would have to twist my arm too much for that. hehe.

So it looks like Jan will be just a week off with a few days spent at Sea World instead of going for the 5k at Disney.

However things can always change as you know they do with us. Stay tuned for any new updates.

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