Sunday, October 14, 2012

Where did that week go?

Last week went by so fast for us. I'm sure a portion of that was due to so many things going at work as well as some interesting news we found out.

So we will start with the interesting news. We have officially put in for and was approved for our dates in Jan for our anniversary. We are going to be off from Jan 3rd - Jan 15th. With the discounts that were being offered for Jan we almost just booked it. However we have decided that we are going to wait and see what we have once bonus check time comes in December. Depending on what we get, we will see what is available wether that is flights to Disney or cruises out of Galveston. Kind of a last minute trip like we did a few years ago.

I will keep the dining reservations we have set up for a possible trip to disney in Jan and if we don't do that then I can cancel them in December once we know if that trip is a go or not.

We do know no matter what we are going in May for the expedition everest challenge. So we will be booking that while we are there in Jan or when the discounts come out for May.

Not much else going on for us right now, just staying busy working and looking forward to the upcoming time off for my birthday on Friday. I only have to work three days and then will be off for a nice long weekend.

I have my Dr appointment tomorrow morning. Kind of dreading it but know I need to get on a routine check up with a normal Dr. Plus anytime I get sick it will be nice to know I can go to their office and only pay a 20 copay instead of a 50 buck one.

Will post with more updates when I get them or they come along.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

So conflicted

So we recently changed our debit cards with Chase to the Disney visa ones so we can get some nice perks anything we go to the parks. There are some nice discount offers given to them as well as discounts on merchandise, food, tours, etc.

So that brings me to this next point, of there is a current disney visa offer that goes through March only for a certain percentage off the stay. We are hoping they offer something similar through May but who knows. I do know we are going to book our flights with the next paycheck. We are still debating between the flights out of Houston that gets us in nice and early on arrival day. Plus we have enough points that would get one of us there and back for free airfare. So we just have to pay for me.

We are waiting to find out what the dates will be because we will either head down there the week before the race, or we will fly in just the day before and then stay the week afterwards.

Part of me just wants to go in Jan though because we know for sure the dates then, and we can do the 5k that they have through Epcot for part of the marathon weekend. Plus we can stay at our favorite resort for around 1700 for the week, park tickets, food, transportation, etc. Which is about 600 less than when we went this last Jan.

So many decisions. Ian wants to just wait for the one in May which I understand why. But when you see such a great deal it's so tempting to go sooner than later. However I'm sure come May I would want to be there for the Expedition Everest one.

I am thinking a large portion of this is because since 2008 we have been doing a major trip to celebrate our anniversary and this will be the first year we don't if we wait for May. We will still take off the week for our anniversary and to recharge. We will go to Sea World and check it out, and then do things around town for a change. I have a feeling though if an excellent deal comes out we might change our minds and go in Jan. I will keep everyone updated as to what happens.

Not much else to report on. Glad that overtime at work is over for me. I have a trip to my parents for my birthday in a week and a half, so excited about that. Then we have the holidays coming up and then will be off for our anniversary. YAY!!!