Friday, July 13, 2007

I'm back with the pictures I promised yesterday.

Here is one of the entry to the neighborhood.

Here is one of our vacant lot that will soon be our home.

Here is one of the brick color we chose for the outside of the home. It's called "Hildalgo"

We found out that they will begin building our home at the end of July/early August. I think I said something about that in my last post but don't remember for sure.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Home stuff

We decided to go drive by the new neighborhood to get some shots of the lot that is now officially ours..We also decided to swing into the sales office to find out when the construction will officially begin. They told us that it should start somewhere towards the end of this month. They are working on getting the permits, etc from the city and then they will begin to set the groundwork moving...Like clearing the lot because it's knee high in grass right now, as well as lay out the plumbing etc...We got to ask our sales guy a few more questions that we had came up with, like, what all fixtures it will be coming with, does it come with a toilet paper holder, little things like that, that we did not think of when we were signing all the paper work. So, it looks like by the end of the month, first of next month, they will begin the work. I'm so excited! I will upload the three pictures we took tomorrow. Don't want to get the camera out and hooked up right now.


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Update and some big news!

It has been a long time since I have updated this blog. Sorry for neglecting it. We have had a lot going on between the vacation with Ian's parents to the upcoming news I'm about to share.

We have officially been approved for a home loan/mortgage and are thrilled beyond words. We chose to build with Main Street Homes because we liked their floor plans, and they were very good about getting back to us on questions we had, where other companies did not. We set up an appointment with Bob our sales consultant to come in to the office to hear his pitch and see some floorplans available in the community. We felt at ease with him from the get go and loved the floor plans. We feel in love with the one we chose as soon as we saw it. After talking in the truck on our way back to the office, we decided to go ahead and do it. Since by the time the home would be finished being built it would be time for our lease to be up at the current place. We then got to fill out what seemed to be a butt load of paperwork, we got to do some fun stuff. Like choosing the colors of the outside/ our countertops/roofing/tile/carpet/cabinets, etc...When we were through with that he gave us the number to the MSH loan company for us to set up a meeting with for the next week to do the loan stuff.

When we get home, Ian puts in for a half day and gets it approved so we now know we can only have the meeting on this date. We call and they are able to get us in. We made sure to go through the list of everything they needed copies of and got that done as soon as I got off the phone with the appt person. So now it was just a matter of waiting for that appointment to get here. We wake up that morning and go through the paperwork a third time to make sure we have everything. As you can tell we wanted them to know we were serious about this and really wanted this home. Our loan counselor Dan, was wonderful to work with. He was good about explaining how things work, asked us if we had any things we wanted for sure and Ian told him, we wanted the fixed rate/ and no penalty for paying it off early. They were able to do that. By the end of the meeting he went over everything with us and told us we looked good as far as our income to debt ratio and we should have no problem getting approved. But we would still have to wait to see what the underwriter said, loan processor, etc before we would know for sure.

Fast forward to this morning/early afternoon....We had a package in the mail from Main Street home mortgage and there was a question we had regarding one of the lines we had to sign our names, so I put in a call to our counselor. While I have him on the phone he notifies me that we have been approved. As long as nothing changes, ie losing a job, then we are good to go. After I asked him a question about when they would begin building the home, and him telling me i would have to get with the sales guy about that, he does let me know, they already released a letter to them stating it was ok for them to begin construction, and that we were approved. Ian and I did drive by our lot this weekend just to check on it with all the rain we have been having, and it's still just a plot of land. As we go along on this construction process, we will be taking plenty of pictures so be prepared for them. That is about all for now.

Up next a picture of our floorplan.