Thursday, July 12, 2007

Home stuff

We decided to go drive by the new neighborhood to get some shots of the lot that is now officially ours..We also decided to swing into the sales office to find out when the construction will officially begin. They told us that it should start somewhere towards the end of this month. They are working on getting the permits, etc from the city and then they will begin to set the groundwork moving...Like clearing the lot because it's knee high in grass right now, as well as lay out the plumbing etc...We got to ask our sales guy a few more questions that we had came up with, like, what all fixtures it will be coming with, does it come with a toilet paper holder, little things like that, that we did not think of when we were signing all the paper work. So, it looks like by the end of the month, first of next month, they will begin the work. I'm so excited! I will upload the three pictures we took tomorrow. Don't want to get the camera out and hooked up right now.


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