Sunday, October 16, 2011

Double Digits Finally!!!

As the title says, we have officially hit the double digits for our trip in Jan!

Pretty soon we will be under three months as well. I'm so freaking excited!!

I'm only two days away from my weekend which is even better. Not much planned until we hit Thursday which is my birthday. With the weather supposed to be a high of only 72 this day we are debating doing something outside. We might go see Footloose too because I told Ian I want to see it. So we might do movie and then walk the outdoor outlet mall by the theatre. We will see as it gets closer to then.

As for trip news, after reading over some good reviews for the Tusker House in Animal Kingdom, I changed up our Rainforest Cafe breakfast for it instead. So that day we will get to have our first character meal as well. So excited to meet Donald Duck and friends. I might make Ian wait for me while I go visit all the characters this year. I would love to get an autorgraph book to get the pricess's autographs for my nieces. We will have to wait and see though because not sure I want to wait in the long lines they sometimes have.

I will probably play it by ear.

Guess that is all for now. Just had to post we are officially in the double digits. Woot!


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fall weather finally!!!

I love this time of the year with the cold fronts coming in and cooling the temps down. Now if we can only get some more rain that would be even better. Here in Georgetown we are currently on mandatory watering restrictions stage 4, meaning no watering outside period. The only type of watering allowed is if you use a watering can. No water hoses, or anything like that. So our yard is suffering quite a bit. Our poor crepe myrtle tree is on it's last legs. We had gotten a notice from the HOA telling us we need to remove the dead tree but there are still green leaves on it especially after the rain. Some of the brown ones started to turn green again. However if rain doesn't start falling we will lose the tree which makes me sad. We will need to remove it and plant something new once more. Although our ground is hard as a rock now and it would be tough.

I am hoping that once they fix the pipe that is making us be on such strict water restrictions we will be able to water with the handheld hose once more and can save it.

Now on to news of whats going on in our lives. Work has been busy but that is a good thing. It definitely helps time fly by a little more so. My birthday is next Thursday which I'm looking forward to. We are going to buy some steaks and Ian's going to be the grill master for me. =) I think we are going to do some new potato's, grill zuchinni and rolls. Then for my birthday cake, I'm debating between choc cake or pumpkin pie. Leaning more towards the pumpkin pie because it is one of my favorite fall flavors.

We head to OK in two weeks as well. So excited about this little get away. Even though I know that trip will fly by it will be nice to get out of town and visit with mama and papa faas. I plan on packing the vacation planning video we got from Disney with us. This way we can watch it together and get excited about the Jan trip.

I can't believe we are almost in the double digits for the trip. I think we hit double digits on Thursday or Friday. Eek! One interesting thing I found out from my boards I visit to plan Disney trips, is that Big Thunder Mountain at the Magic Kingdom will be down for refurbishment. So sad, because I was looking forward to tackling the three mountains when we go in Jan as Ian and I missed out on Magic Kingdom when we went last July. The plus side is apparently they usually take down Splash Mountain in Jan but because of the one being down, they plan on keeping Splash up. I am glad for that because I have been on Big Thunder before but never been on Splash. Hopefully we can catch most of the shows and parades too because my family knows how much I love a good parade. One of these days we will go for the holiday time so we can see the parks done up for Christmas time. Maybe the holidays before our 15th wedding anniversary.

And yes I did mess with the layout/background again. LOL. I wasn't digging the other way because I didn't have my links like I have with this version.

I think that's all for now.


Sunday, October 2, 2011

Short work week

I only have to work one more day this week tomorrow. I got Monday off because on Wed I get to go to this event at our favorite movie place with the austin site manager and some other staff members that were nominated by our team managers.

I'm looking forward to it but man this week flew by because of this. Then there are only a few more weeks until my birthday and our mini get away to OK.

We got a new niece this last Thursday as well. My brother and sister in law Liz had a little baby girl. They named her Alice and she is a cutie pie from the pictures I saw via text message. I cant wait to meet her in November.

We should get the official time off approval for our trip in Jan in the next few weeks as well. Yay for that!

I am playing around with the layouts for the blog. Let me know what ya'll think.