Sunday, October 16, 2011

Double Digits Finally!!!

As the title says, we have officially hit the double digits for our trip in Jan!

Pretty soon we will be under three months as well. I'm so freaking excited!!

I'm only two days away from my weekend which is even better. Not much planned until we hit Thursday which is my birthday. With the weather supposed to be a high of only 72 this day we are debating doing something outside. We might go see Footloose too because I told Ian I want to see it. So we might do movie and then walk the outdoor outlet mall by the theatre. We will see as it gets closer to then.

As for trip news, after reading over some good reviews for the Tusker House in Animal Kingdom, I changed up our Rainforest Cafe breakfast for it instead. So that day we will get to have our first character meal as well. So excited to meet Donald Duck and friends. I might make Ian wait for me while I go visit all the characters this year. I would love to get an autorgraph book to get the pricess's autographs for my nieces. We will have to wait and see though because not sure I want to wait in the long lines they sometimes have.

I will probably play it by ear.

Guess that is all for now. Just had to post we are officially in the double digits. Woot!


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