Tuesday, November 1, 2011

OMG it's November!

The months are just flying by us now. I can't believe it's already November. We had a wonderful visit up at mama and papa faas's house. It was cut short by a day due to us having to get home for Ian's eye. His right eye had some cells develop under the flap they made for the surgery. They wanted to get him in ASAP because they multiply really fast. So they opened the flap back up and used what looked like a metal hook to pull the flap down and then used a sponge to scrape off the cells. Then put the flap back up and he was done.

This weekend we don't have much on the agenda. I think on Thursday we are going to go to the movies. Haven't been in a while.

As for vacation news we have a minor blip but hopefully it will get resolved and no more issues arise with it. Some of the time we were going to use for the time off is called holiday shutdown time. It was in the system when we put the time in for the vacation and now all of a sudden it disappeared.

Ian spoke with his team manager and he thinks they removed it because we are getting bumped up to 40 hours of it instead of 32. That will be awesome if that happens. Hopefully we will know for sure in the very near future. His team manager has a ticket in to our HR people to find out for sure. Hopefully it's not taken away because we know corporate is shutting down for the holidays and that is why we get it. Only time will tell.

Hopefully we know for sure soon though because I need to cancel my November request if we aren't getting it to have enough hours for the full week we would be at Disney. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

Not much else to report now.


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