Tuesday, November 29, 2011


We have been busy since we got home from my parents with work. Now I feel like I'm coming down with a cold. I started to take some vitamins and hopefully get rid of it. I'm feeling ok for the most part...just have a sore throat and a little on the achy side.

I love this time of year though. It seems like we are constantly busy between work and then holiday events. We have our holiday party on Friday December 16th. Ian's off work on Fridays naturally but we found out recently that my team will also be off because we start close to when they are releasing people to go to the party so excited about that.

We got a room at the hotel the party will be at. So now when we get up and get stuff together we can head to the hotel so we don't have to mess with downtown traffic on a Friday.

Then our anniversary is coming up pretty soon too. We are both off on the anniversary so we are going to cook up a meal together at home. Probably grill some yummy steaks on the grill and have some yummy sides. Maybe get some wine. Then just a few short weeks after our anniversary we will be getting packed up and ready to get on a plane and go to Disney. So very excited about our trip. I looked at our countdown the other day and we are almost to the one month and few weeks to go. I know we have our final payment due next week. I will be making that next Tuesday. Which means we will be around the 45 day mark. Pretty soon we will start seeing the Micky mail showing up with the stuff for the magical express bus tickets and the vouchers for the arcade, and misc stuff.

Ok...off to check on my home made chex party mix and then to take some meds to hopefully kick this cold to the curb.


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