Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Touring Plans finalized now!!

I was a busy bee last night as the title should explain. I was reading my Disney tip boards last night and they had up the recommended parks to visit for our Jan trip up finally. After pouring over them and looking over our plans we had to make some changes. They base the parks they recommend for each day depending on several factors and did a really great job explaining them. So on to our plans:

Sunday Jan 22nd, we will fly out of the airport in Austin at 3:18pm and should get into Orlando around 6:40 pm. We will then make our way down to the Magical Express check in area and load up on a bus. No need to pick up our luggage as they will take care of it for us. We will then make our way to our resort, Cornado Springs Resort. After checking in we will probably be ready for dinner so will head our way to their quick service resturant. This likely will be the Pepper Market. I need to make arrangements for the shuttle/taxi in the morning for Discovery Cove.EEEEEEEEKKKKKKKK...yes I'm excited. We will probably just unpack once we get our bags delivered tonight, might check out the hot tub depending on the weather or just check out the resort grounds and take some pictures.

Monday - Jan 23rd, we will be getting up nice and early for Discovery Cove. I will probably have the taxi pick us up around 7:30am as they start checking in people at the reception area around 8AM and then we can go to their breakfast buffet they will have for us. Then it will be time to check out this place. We will have tons to see and explore. We will also be having lunch here as well and will be doing a dolphin swim at the time they schedule us for.

We will probably head back to the hotel around 4 so we can take showers and get refreshed for our dinner reservation at the table service resturant at our resort called Maya Grill. I have a feeling we will crash early as we will likely be exhausted from swimming so much and I'm sure it will be an emotional day for me. With all the swimming and my dream of swimming with the dolphins coming true, I bet I cry a few times.

Tuesday morning we will be up and at breakfast at the quick service place once more by 7:30AM. Then we will head to Hollywood Studios for some fun. The park opens at 9AM today and we will be spending all our time here today. We might go back to the hotel for an afternoon nap depending on how tired we are. We have a dinner reservation for Sci Fi Diner at 4pm. The park closes at 7pm so we will just go back to the resort and relax. Maybe hot tub for a bit depending on how tired we are from walking a bunch.

Wed morning we have a breakfast reservation at the Crystal Palace. This is in the Magic Kingdom part and we get to enter the park before it opens so we can get some amazing shots with the park nearly deserted. This breakfast has characters at it such as Winnie the Pooh, Tigger and their friends. We will be at this park today all day. It officially opens at 9AM and closes at 8PM. We have a dinner reservation at the Polynesian Resort at a yummy resturant called Kona Cafe. It's very raved about on my disney boards. Our dinner appt is set for 6:25 pm so we should be able to catch the night time fireworks from their beach and see the electric water pagent as well.

Thursday morning we have a breakfast reservation for Tusker House at Animal Kingdom Park. This is another character meal and we will have Donald Duck and pals like Mickey, Goofy, etc. We get in this park early again so can get some great shots with hardly anyone in the park. This is set for 8:15 am so we will likely need to be up and out the door by 7:30. We will stay and play here until we get tired or around 1pmish.

We can go back to the resort and relax for about 2 hours. Then we will head out to Epcot for a tour of the World Showcase. That was another thing mentioned in the touring plans. If you are going to get to Epcot twice in one week, to break it up. Such as one trip go around the world showcase and then on the next one do the stuff in future world. So that is our plan. We will head to Epcot by 2:30 at the latest as we have a dinner reservation for LeCellier Steakhouse at 5:35pm. We will stay until 9pm as Illuminations is set for 9pm. I definitely want to see it as this will be our only night in epcot this week. A lot of people recommend taking your time on your way out of the park after illuminations is over. As we will watch Illuminations from the World Showcase this will be easy to do.

Friday morning we will have a breakfast reservation set up for Kona Cafe at 8:05AM. We will then hop on the monorail and make our way to Magic Kingdom to get our favorites done again and catch anything we missed on the last trip. We will only stay until around noon and then go back to the hotel until about 2:30ish. Then we will go back to Hollywood Studios for any favorite again or things we missed on the first trip. Then we will make our way to Downtown Disney for some shopping and dinner at Earl of Sandwich. No dining reservations as it's a quick service type place.

Saturday morning we will get up and eat at our quick service for breakfast. Then we will go to Epcot as it opens at 9AM. We will tour the Future world items like Test Track/Soarin, pretty much any ride/show in this part of the park. This probably won't take more than a few hours and then go from here to Animal Kingdowm. We will do our repeats again like Expedition Everest and probably get to see the animals in the evening and get to see how they behave as the sun sets. We need to leave here by 5:15ish so we can make our way to the Ft.Wilderness Campgrounds as we have dinner reservations for a dinner show called Hoop de Doo Revue. This is a show and dinner. Plus it's served family style at each of their tables. When you get shown to your table you have bread/honey butter and salad waiting for you. Then we get fried chicken/ribs/mashed potato's/beans for dinner. Then for dessert we get strawberry shortcake. This also comes with unlimited drinks such as coke products/tea/pomegranite(sp?)lemonade/beer/wine/and sangria.

Once we are done here we will probably just go back to the hotel and pack and relax.

Our flight home on Sunday takes off at 12:30 pm. So magical express will pick up at the hotel around 9:30 or somewhere around there.

That's our trip plans and advanced dining reservations we have set up.

I should have a ton of pictures and videos to post when we get back.

Only a few more weeks until turkey day. YAY!!! So excited to be going home for a change.

Guess that is all for now. Take care!


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Dreamingof03 - Heather said...

SO BUSY! Kinda cool that you guys are going to Disney! I am a bit Jealous. You will have to share all your inside info with me. ^^

I have no idea how you guys are so great at the financial game and are able to do vacations each years but I am so excited and impressed with each one you go on. ^^