Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Update to my last post

So we received an email through the work that we are getting holiday shutdown carryover time. YAY! Apparently it's still only 32 hours so not sure why it was removed to begin with. I'm just very relieved to find out we are still getting it.

Apparently we should hear details in the near future. It's probably to ask if we want it as vacation hours or time paid out as extra pay. This is what they did last year so would be shocked to see if it was something different. Phew!

A little bit of stress that built up due to the time going missing has now been lifted.

We also got the date and time of our holiday party. It's going to be on Dec 16 which is a Friday. Great for Ian as he's off on Fridays but not sure how it will work out yet for those that have to work. If it's like last year only 3 get it approved as vacation and the rest will have to just have to make it up. I guess as details get released we will have an idea of if we will be going or not.

That's all for now.


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