Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I am very sorry this update has been delayed, but there has been a lot going on in our lives lately. First and foremost my family is doing ok in Kingwood. They have a lot of debris, their fence is down and most of the trees in their neighborhood were uprooted. So thank goodness one didn't land on them and kill them. They came up to stay with us Saturday late evening and left yesterday afternoon. Hopefully they get power soon, however it's unlikely. As for my grandmas house from what I understand their neighborhood was hit pretty badly as well. :(

I was given a mini promotion into a different department which I start tomorrow. I now will be working from 5am to 4pm Wed - Sat with Sun/mon/tues off. So, I'm looking forward to that. Its a little scary once you have gotten used to one team to change it up but it happens a lot there so it's ok. It will just make me stronger. Ian is trying to get on a similar shift with a end time of 4pm -5pm.

As for the cruise so looking forward to it. However we need to pay attention to what is happening as our cruise might have a departure from New Orleans instead of Galveston now. We will see what happens once they can assess the damage in Galvestons ship channel and the building they cruise out of. Nothing else new right now. Will update in the future when I get a moment.