Friday, November 2, 2007

Our friday night check in

Went by the homestead when Ian got off. When we showed up all doors were locked and we looked in through the windows and could see work had been done. So at that point we knew we needed to go by the office to see about a key so we could get pictures. As we made it around to the house, I suggested we try the garage and what do you know. I got in and went to the back door to let Ian in. They have put in the tile in the entry way. We have the tile backsplash up in the kitchen as well. They still need to grout it but it looks good. They will probably do that and the tile around the fireplace at some point this weekend we have a feeling so it can set nicely. The dishwasher is at the house as well. It's just not installed yet. They have the countertops in the bathrooms, and the kitchen as well. The kitchen sink isn't installed just yet but it won't be long I'm sure. The master bathroom had the surround put in as well and it's looking really good. Ian even joked that he will have a hard time getting me out of it. It looks really luxurious and I can't wait. Although I won't be spending all my time in there. LOL. Pictures up next.

tile entryway

a view while we thought we were locked out still

tile backsplash in kitchen

kitchen countertop

tile that will be going up around the fireplace

surround on the master tub in master bathroom

shower surround up

soap bar in master shower

counter tops on in master bathroom

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