Friday, October 26, 2007

Paint, Cabinets and Brick..oh my...

We went by the homestead today. After stopping in at the sales office and picking up a key to the house, we were able to break in and see all the new stuff they had been working on. We have the brick work on the outside completed. They have painted the interior walls. We have cabinets up, as well as the closet hardware. Ok, time for the pictures since those speak louder than words..

Ian checking out the brick work
Going in to open up the homestead for the first time

close up of the brick work

Ian with wet paint on his hands

Dining room

close up of the cabinet wood color

looking in at the living room/fireplace

close up of the mantle

Ian measuring the mantle depth

pony wall in the sitting room/master bedroom

cabinets above the toilet

closet fixtures in the master closet

closet fixtures in office/guestroom

guest bath cabinet

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