Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The newest update for the house

So we went by the homestead today and they have really done quite a bit since sunday. Don't have a lot to really talk about so we will just dive into some pictures.

The bricks have arrived for the house.

They have painted all the exterior of the home now.
Ian opening the front door for the first time.

Plumbing for the spare bath sink

Washer and dryer plumbing

air intake for the AC

The fireplace in place.

Kitchen sink and ice box plumbing


master tub

master shower stall

plumbing for the master bath

Ian standing by the pony wall for the sitting room/master bedroom

more ducts

master bath sink plumbing

other sink in the master bath plumbing

we saw this taped to an interior window that showed our options

looking through the master bedroom suite

a shot of the back of the house taken from the backyard

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