Friday, October 19, 2007

Sheetrock and a Sold sign

I love our Friday journey's to the homestead because generally we have given it about 3 days since the last visit and have so much new stuff to see and explore. We got there and the sheetrock people were still there. So we decided to head over to Chili's in Georgetown and grab a bite to eat. By the time we got back, they were still there but, were finishing up so we got to peek in. I loved driving up and seeing a sold sign in our front yard. makes it seem all the more real. To actually have room defining walls up now too puts everything in a new perspective. Tomorrow is my birthday, so we are going to head up to 620 cafe for a bite to eat, and then on to Sears to see what happened with the tire while I was at my sisters. My parents are coming up on Sunday for a quick visit for my birthday so they will get to see the homestead finally as well. Other than that, hoping for it to be a pretty mellow and relaxing weekend. On with the pictures.

Ian with our sold sign

The dining room/bay window


living room

looking towards the sitting room from the master suite

Master bathtub

master shower/tub

Utility room

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