Monday, December 3, 2007

sorry for the delay!

I apologize to my loyal readers for not updating sooner. We have been super busy getting the rest of the apt packed up and ready to move. Our first walk through went really well. JT, who's a supervisor over the construction crew walked us though and took down any notes of things we noticed that needed to get fixed. We will have our final walk through on Wed at 11am, and if all goes well we close at 2pm that same day. We have sod, tree's, bush's and plants officially in. We will go by this evening after picking up the civic and I will take some pictures for ya'll. It looks really nice. On Thursday and Friday, we will slowly be taking some stuff to the new home that the movers are not moving just so that gets done. We will be taking apart the bed Friday and sleeping on the mattress Friday night. We need to disassemble the washer and dryer too at some point. Probably thursday because I will do a final load of laundry Wed. The movers are scheduled to be here on Sat morning at 8 am, so hopefully by oneish we will be all moved in to the new place. We both can't wait!!!!

Alright, that is all for now. Be back this evening with pictures of the landscaping hopefully.


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