Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Just about moved in

Sorry I haven't gotten on here sooner to update how the move went but we have been busy unpacking and setting everything up. The movers did a great job. They were a little late but they had us moved in two hours time just about from loading up in Round Rock to unloading at the new home in Georgetown. We have just about everything unpacked. The only parts that need some work still are the office, which we are waiting on some stuff from Ian's parents to the garage area because Ian is still working out in his mind how he would like to set up his work shop out there. The cat is adjusting fine. She was up to her old tricks last night. She would get on the pony walls in our bedroom and anything that was on them, she knocked off. She is investigating the place more now for good hiding spots. Pictures up next of some of the rooms set up.

The kitchen

the new fridge in place

the kitchen table

the new table runner and place mats we got. We are going to do a coffee themed dining/kitchen area

Christmas wreath on the front door

the new curved shower curtain rod that Ian installed over the weekend

the office which is still a work in progress

the front guest room just about set up. we are getting a new mattress for the bed and need to put bedding on it

the front guest room still

the laundry room

our bed fit in with plenty of room on each side for side tables.

the dresser in place

another view of the bed

our double vanity

the master tub which is wonderful

the shower in the master bath with our over the shower door shampoo/soap holder. We love the shower the most.
the new toilet paper holder Ian installed as well. We had no room with where they put the original one at.

thats all for now. Will be back with more after the christmas holidays.

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