Sunday, January 8, 2012

Two Weeks to Go!!!

As it's Sunday morning at midnight, we can officially say we are two weeks from our trip. I am in such disbelief over how quick the time is going by. I really thought it would go slower than what it has been. The only thing that really stinks is we have a short amount of time to put out some good ticket numbers. So the pressure has been on. I will be glad when the two weeks are over and I can officially relax on vacation.

I did make my eye dr appointment for Friday Jan 20th in the morning. It was set for the afternoon at 1 but they had to move it to get me in on this day. I got approved for a half day of sick for the dr appointment so I'm all see to begin as planned for vacation.

I have some plans to do this weekend. I plan on cleaning the house and getting the linens washed for our bed and the guest bed. I also plan on getting the confirmation numbers all in order in one place. I am going to also start packing the clothes we won't be using before then like the swimsuits, cover ups, shorts, etc.Then when it gets closer I will pack the other stuff...probably try to get everything packed on that Friday after my eye dr appointment except for the stuff I can't pack until that morning.

I get to do the online check in for our hotel part on Thursday as well. I have a building in mind for our stay and hope we luck out and get it. It's a building that is fairly close to the first bus stop that picks up and drops off for the parks. It's also got a quiet pool and a quick walk to the main building.

Hopefully we luck out on the location. =) I need to also start gathering up the camera stuff I want to take.

I also got the autograph books ordered and they are on their way so we should have them in time for the trip as well. woot!!!

Guess that is all for now. I'm sure I will be back sooner with more updates or just to post to see that countdown ticker again!!

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