Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Today we officially entered into the teens to go for our trip. As you can tell I am one excited girl. I only have 8 more work days to go until vacation which looks even better to me in numbers. As when I'm on weekend it's pretty stress free but at work it's pretty stressful.

So lots going on as you can imagine. Our printer was out of black ink so when we went to the store today we were looking at the cost to get black and color ink for our printer. And then looked at the markdown prices on the Kodak printers and ended up just getting a new printer. Their ink is about 30 bucks cheaper than what we were paying for our other one. Plus the cost of the printer was the same as buying our black and color ink so might as well save some money in the long run. =)

We were going to wait until we got back from the trip before deciding to get a printer or just buy ink but then I remembered I would need to print our boarding passes for the departure flight on Sunday the 22nd. So need ink to do that so that pretty much helped us make our decision.

We bought a lot of needed items and got some things for the trip. When we get out on Sunday we are going to swing by the disney store at the outlet to get two autograph books for the nieces to surprise them with. Hopefully the waits for the meet and greets of the characters aren't bad. I'm thinking since we are going doing a low crowd time we should be ok if we get them the first few days we are in the parks. Then leave them in the room the other days and not worry about them.

I know up until Friday/Saturday most of the touring plan sites have our days listed as either 1's or 2's so very low compared to when we went in July which were like 8's.

I'm so very excited as well because on our first full day in Florida, that Monday, I will finally get to swim with the dolphins. I just hope I don't get all emotional and instead have the biggest grin on my face. But I have a feeling I will get a little teary in the eyes. It's been a life long dream of mine and to finally have it come true it's just beyond words.

Hopefully we will get a ton of good pictures while we are there in both disney and discovery cove.

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