Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tick Tock...Tick Tock....

The time keeps ticking on by and before we know it, we will be making our way to the airport to get on our flight to Florida!

We are so excited about the trip. I just hope the next three weeks of work go by just as fast as this last week went by.

I made a batch of home made chex mix but used a different brand of butter and a rice chex instead of using the corn that I like and it doesn't taste right to me. It seems very bland. I just hope it's not bland because I'm coming down with something. I feel ok but have had a little bit of congestion in the nose lately.

We are thinking of going to Sea World in San Antonio on Thursday. We have never been at the holiday time and they have special shows for the holidays. So I bet it would be fun. It just depends on what we get done tomorrow.

Ian has his three month eye check up on Friday and I might go with him as I need to set up my eye exam. Going to set it up for the first Friday we are on vacation. Jan 20th. There was a possible issue with the holiday shut down time so I decided if I made a dr appointment for that friday I could take it as planned sick time and that would allow me to be off and not have to go in and work a half day. I have enough vacation hours to cover all by a half day. If we get the 8 hours back they took away then no worries. This way I'm covered either way and still get to start my vacation on Friday Jan 20th now.

Otherwise it was going to suck with having to go in for a half day with having family here. So I spoke with my team manager and he said once we found out for sure regarding the holiday shutdown pay then we would adjust the hours. I have been being asked by the eye dr when I go with him when I was going to set up an appt myself so now this is sort of making me do it but thats a good thing. I need to get them checked and this way I can get any glasses ordered before we fly out and they should be in by the time we get home.

Not much else to say. If we go to Sea World on Thursday we will take the camera and I will get some pictures. If it's nice weather then we will likely go. Be back later.


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