Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I know I said this in my last post but this week really flew by. I know it helped for us to have the holiday party and not having to work one day of my work week.

We have some errands we have to get done this week such as oil changes in the car and I think we are going to maybe go to the moive on Ian's saturday....or Thursday in the real world. hehe...

I will probably get a spread sheet going of where we have reservations for our ADR's along with what park or resort the reservation is at. I am probably going to start a packing list as well. This way I can print it up before I officially start packing us. We will need to take things for all sorts of weather. I know currently they have been having highs around 80 and then lows in the upper 40's to mid 50's. So likely can do jeans with a light jacket for the night time.

I have 4 weeks of work left or 16 work days. I like it when I count it down like that. Seems much smaller than weeks...hehe...I know it's the same amount of time but considering when I have my 3 day weekends, days sounds better to me...

I can't believe Christmas is just around the corner and then we will have New years, and our official tenth wedding anniversary. Time flies when you are busy and having fun.

Not much else to say. I will be back tomorrow probably to post some pictures from the holiday party. We didn't take a whole bunch as we were mainly hanging out in the karoke room as we have a bunch of friends that like to sing. So anyways...will definitely be back with those pictures.

Take care


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