Thursday, January 12, 2012


As we hit the ten day mark I was able to do the online check in for our reservations today!!! So exciting. I was having issues with the website and doing it so I called in and spoke with a wonderful cast member Shelly. This is the first of many I'm sure to come. We got our reservation and mama and papa Faas's reservation confirmed and room requests were made.

I put in that we want Casita 4 as it's right near bus stop 2 which is actually the first one they pick up and drop off from every day. It's closer to the main building and has a quiet pool. We are also a very short walk to the main pool which is supposed to be the best themed pool on property. They have the two largest hot tubs on property as well. They also tend to show a movie at night at this pool too. So excited it's going to be a wonder if I can contain it before then. I have work tomorrow through Monday with several meetings on two different days so that will help. Plus on Monday Ian and I will go have dinner at Texadelphia because it's by the Barnes and Noble so I can get some magazines for the plane ride. Nothing takes your mind off a flight like a good gossip magazine. LOL. It's my guilty pleasure for flying.

Then before we know it we will land and be on our way down to the magical express line.

Mama and Papa Faas are coming in on Thursday. So we plan to take them to the Best BBQ place in Texas, the Salt Lick. Then on Friday I have my eye Dr appointment and we will go to a movie and walk around the domain. Then on Sat we were thinking we would take a ride on the beltway south to Buda and go walk around Cabellas, then have dinner at the Gristmill. Then Sunday we fly out. Eek!!!!

Until next time.


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