Wednesday, January 18, 2012


So, I decided to start gathering up the stuff for the trip. I wanted to get the stuff together for the bag I'm taking on the plane with the magazines, books, travel stuff, etc.

Well that momentum carried me into starting to pack stuff like shorts, bathing suits, cover ups, etc. Then I ended up getting us pretty much fully packed except for stuff that we are still using like brushes, shampoo, etc. So pretty much all done which is the first time that I have been this packed before a trip in a long time. I generally tend to wait until the night before..LOL...and that is almost what happened for this one. I was like we don't fly out until 3 so we won't be leaving for the airport until 12 which means plenty of time. I am so stoked.

Going to head to bed in a few to try and get some sleep early. That is all for now...


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