Monday, June 3, 2013

Happy early birthday and christmas to us

As many of you know we had a horrible wind storm back in March or April. I can't remember when now. But our gas grill went flying. So needless to say we don't trust it anymore and don't want to take a chance with using it. So we needed a gas grill to replace it. We went out window shopping to get an idea on pricing as it's coming to summer time and we like to grill to keep the heat down in the house from the oven.

We found a really nice one we liked at WalMart. It's a charbroil infared one with three burners. It wasn't too badly priced but it would take us until July to have enough for it due to other bills needing to be paid, such as the roof repair.

Ian's parents offered to buy it for us for an early birthday/christmas present which was very nice of them. So we went back and got it. Ian spent quite a bit of time putting it together and we will be grilling our first turkey burgers on it tonight for dinner. I promise to take pictures and will post them later. =)

A big thank you to them for that!!!!

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