Monday, February 5, 2007

Good Morning!

Most of you know we have a cat named Mistophelee's(she is named after magical Mistophelee's from the musical Cats). She can be very trying at times and this weekend was one of those times. Let me explain....

When we celebrated Christmas at my grandma's this year, we decided no gifts for the adults and instead did a white elephant sort of thing. Well one of the gifts we brought home had been packaged in a box that has a flip over lid. Well we noticed the cat took a liking to this box so we sat it down on the floor from the kitchen table with the box top flipped open. She loves laying in it, hiding in it waiting to pounce on you, clawing on it, etc....Well from her clawing at it, she has ripped pieces off so we are constantly tearing them off, so she doesnt eat them. Well, Friday she was going to town on it, so Ian closed it up, and hid it from her. Well she punished us for taking away her box. She threw fits all weekend long, woke us up early all weekend long. So on Sunday, Ian takes it down, puts a blanket over it to make it more like a bed for her. After a long investigation all day Sunday, she finally shuts up about it. She has a very unique personality that is all her.

We are officially on countdown for the cruise. So be prepared to hear a lot about our preparations for that as well as for the big move. We will be getting ready to get on that cruise ship three weeks from today. Since we are staying in Galveston the day we return as well, if we aren't too sunburned, I will find a local walgreens in Galveston to get our pictures developed from the waterproof cameras we are taking with us. So when we get home on that Sunday, I can scan them in and upload them for ya'll to see. That is all for now.


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Wolf Teacher said...

Be sure and check your waterproof cameras for a list of depth that they will work in.

Love you guys