Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Great Escape

Where to begin...

We have been having issues with the Ford Ranger, and after much debate we decided to get a new car. We wanted to replace the truck with a truck. As luck would have it, we could find nothing in our area that had what we wanted on it..let me rephrase that...that Ian wanted...While at work and on lunch Tammy found an internet ad for a 08 Ford Escape that sounded good. So she called Ian and had him check it out as well. The dealership was closed already so we were going to have to wait until the morning to find out specifics.

The following morning, while we were eating breakfast in the McDonalds, in the Walmart before grocery shopping, the dreary eyed Taminator got the brilliant idea that we should call because she had the phone number scribbled on her hand. While Ian was looking at Gun solvent, Tammy was able to get a hold of the internet sales man who informed her that it had a 4 cylinder/ and was MANUAL, yeah you read that right, manual on an SUV,it was a dream come true. She informed the salesman that they would be up there in about an hour to take a look at it.

After a very fast grocery run, they unpacked the goodies, and were back on the road to the dealership. When our salesman took us out to look at one of two on the lot that we could get at that price, we were impressed. The gas milage was the same that the ranger gets. He showed us some of the goodies and Ian asked if we could test drive it. He got it up to 70 with no issues, go figure right, on a back road, and it purred like a kitty. After a successful test drive we decided to go forward with seeing how much he could get us into it for. After hearing the numbers, we were sold.

While waiting on it to be detailed, we walked over to Rudys and had some yummy BBQ, and just chit chatted. So on to the pictures...

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