Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Crazy Times

Sorry that my updates have been few and far between lately. I have been extremely busy between work, home stuff and then of course planning and shopping for things for the cruise. I can't believe we are down to two months, and one week left until we head out for Galveston. We are going down the night before and staying at the Hotel Galvez. They luckily took little to no damage when Hurricane Ike came through. We will gladly give them the business and help out Galveston's Economy some. I was so hoping that the cruise ships would be back to Galveston by then and they are officially so very happy about that. Since we are heading out early on that Saturday we might have to pay a visit to Moody Gardens since it has been a while since we have been there. It would be cool to see any new exhibits as well as help stimulate the economy.

I think we are through with cruise shopping. The only things we might have to get still would be some underwater cameras for the Grand Cayman and Cozumel excursions. Other than that I think we are done. The main bummer is my dad is probably not going now and I know my mom was really looking forward to having a very nice vacation with him for a change. Oh well, they can always plan one and go by themselves.

Work has been extremely busy. I enjoy my new position but there are times that it can be so incredibly mind exhasuting with all the research we have to do. Then again that research usually is very rewarding when it's done and we can help the customer out and make their day brighter. Ian seems to like his new job as well. He is already doing quite well after only being on the floor for just over a month now. We have our customer service awards tomorrow so that should be a nice few hours out of the day that I get to spend out of work. This whole week they are doing stuff for us since it's customer service appreciation week. We have a big potluck/pizza party on friday that we get to spend an hour out of queue for so that should be fun. Halloween costume contest, etc. Which brings me to my next point. We got several bags of candy since this year will be our first year in the house and hopefully get a lot of trick or treaters. We are already talking about buying our Christmas tree as well which I can't wait to do. We are going to decorate the outside this year as well too.

I guess that is all the news for now. Hopefully I can get in a better habit and post an update once a week, but don't hold your breath. LOL.


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