Wednesday, July 8, 2009

RIP Mistopheles

I know it had been an extremely long time since I updated this blog but we have been busy. We had a very sad day yesterday. We took our beloved cat, Mistopheles to the vet as she had not been eating very well and just was not herself. So after researching we found what seems to be a friendly vet hospital. They did an evaluation of her from listening to her heart, looking in her ears, etc. Then asked us what our concerns were. After doing some blood work and a urinanalysis(sp?), they came back to us with some bad news. Her kidney had went into failure and there was nothing we could do. They said it was toxic and irreverisble at this point. They were very kind and empatheic beyond words. They gave us all the time in the world to be with her and even told us we could take her home for one last night if we would like to. However we knew that would just drag it on and were already very upset and did not want to drag it out just for us. Although now in hindsight it might have been nice to have had some time with her in her home setting where she would have been more confortable. Then again, it wouldn't have been easy to take her in this morning to be put down. That is probably one of the hardest things I have gone through. She was our first pet and was a great pet. She will be missed. For those of you that never got the chance to meet her, she was a one of a kind. She had a lot of personality and at the same time loved to be loved on. She would come sit in your lap and wanted your hand to be on her giving her some affection. We always thought she was part dog too because she sure loved to play fetch. I had these fuzzy pink house shoes and Ian would toss one and here she would come with it back and she would have to walk funny because it was so much bigger than her. We plan on making a stepping stone with her initail on it and putting it underneath the front window in the bushes as we would come home from work and that is where she would be waiting for us. Well, it was either in that window or on the chair's armrest facing the front door. We will both miss her. We both had a hard night as it was hard to adjust with her not being here. She would love to come in and lay at our feet in bed or curl up in the crook of the leg. She loved laying on my chest if I was laying on my back in bed too. I think that is enough sadness for now. I will end this with some pictures of her for those of you that knew and loved her and for those of you that never met her.

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