Monday, May 17, 2010

Holy's May already...

Good morning out there to anyone still following this blog. It had been awhile since I last wrote a post so I figured I should probably write something. A lot has been going on in our world lately.

First, I got another mini promotion. I am now a tier 3 agent which means more responsibilities but I also got a nice little raise. Which let's face it in these tough economic times is really nice. I am now basically a mini senior. I help with coaching and mentoring along with dealing with a lot more complicated issues. It's been going well so far. One week I was ranked number 7 out of all of the tier three agents. Which is pretty damned good. My next goal will be to make it to the top five but we shall see.

Next up we took the Sunday before Memorial day off so my sister, BIL and two nieces are going to come stay with us from that sat to memorial day. They guys will hit the gun range on Sunday while Jess and I take the kids to the park and the swimming pool. Hopefully it's nice weather. Otherwise we will have to think of something fun to do inside.

Then in June I will be off on our annual girls trip with my mom, two sisters and Nan. It should be fun. We are just going to San Antonio but we are staying on the River Walk and planning on relaxing. Can't wait.

This brings me to my next part....I will be sending an email out as not everyone still reads my blog. We got some unfortunate news. The ship we sailed on last year, Voyager of the Seas will no longer be sailing out of Galveston after this coming winter season. Once it heads back to Europe in April of 2011 we will no longer have this fantastic ship so close to our home port. =(

So if you want to experience such a fantastic ship I strongly encourge to think about going with us in Jan. For those that don't remember the ports it's in the post below this one..It sets sail on Jan 23rd and it's a 7 night cruise to Roatan, Honduras-----Belize ----- and Cozumel.

We won't be booking our cabin until November or December as we will have to wait for our bonus to be able to pay it all at once. Which I know some of you might be hesitant to book until we do for sure. But I can gurantee you that Ian and I will be on that sailing.We are not changing our minds as we want to sail on the magnicifant ship one last time as the crew, the amenities, and our overall experience this year were just so out of this world. We are going back regardless. We will book the following years alaskan trip while on this one as well.

So those of you that need to pay a deposit now, and then pay it off over is the time to get on the list.

I believe is currently having a sell for the next two days. You can get 50% reduced deposit and $100 per cabin for onboard spending.

Ian and I will be signing up for the scuba lessons on this cruise. So that is something else to think about as you will do your main dive at one of the three ports. If we get a choice we will probably do it in Roatan, Honduras. As we really want to check out something new for Cozumel. It's kind of like Discovery Cove but in Mexico. I am going to be checking out how they get their dolphins among other things before I agree to it because if they are linked to any of the harmful ones, no way jose.

Thats about it for now. I will be sending this out in email as well as some of my family no longer read my blog or they just forget to check because I'm a slacker at posting. lol.


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