Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New shifts are officially out

Hey guys and gals still reading me! We have been enjoying our nice long weekend. My sister and two nieces came over. They are so much fun to be around as they are at that age now where it's easier and easier to communicate.

Although I would say my sister has her hands full. They both ask lots of questions and have very intuitive minds. Kamrynn is a trip as you never know what is going to come out of her mouth next. She's very loving too. I got hugs galore and she even told me that she loves me. That just made my day.

Now on to the big news. I was so excited when I found out what shift I got as it was my number two choice and then I got the disappointing news of Ian getting something totally different. Something that we couldn't even carpool into work for because he got 3pm - midnight. I got the same shift we are on currently with the same team manager which made me super excited. So of course I went to bed with this at the front of my mind. How are we going to make this work. Do I try and find a similar shift to his, do we see if there are two openings on an overnight shift as those are usually empty.

Then this morning I wake up to a wonderful email that made my decision and life a little easier. One of the tier 3 reps that was on the same shift as Ian was needing to find someone that was off by 5 as she is 26 weeks pregnant and needing to switch with another tier 3 rep. So I immediately wrote her back letting her know if she had not had any volunteers yet, I would love to help. So to make a long story short, we ended up going up to work around 2:30ish and we both made the request via the tool. From what I understand it's as good as done. I wont feel completely relaxed until I hear the official words from my current team manager. However I can pretty much count on it.

So starting sometime in Sept around the 20-something we will be officially on a Wed - Sunday shift from 3pm - midnight.

Thats pretty much all I have for now.


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