Monday, September 17, 2012

Time flies By

I can't believe it's already 5:30 on my Sunday now. It seems like the weekends fly by way too fast. Oh well, just have to remember it's 5 quick work days and then you are back at the start of your weekend. =D

Not a whole lot going on with us. We got up and really enjoyed the beautiful weather today. We went for a walk around the track by the Rec center. It's a total of 1.6 miles to complete it and we did the full loop. We are going to try and push it for 2 miles on Wed when we go back. Keep your fingers crossed for us. It took us around 30 mins to do that because I'm still going a bit slower after being sick and resting.

Work is going to be busy again soon which stinks but it does help keep the day busy at work and help the time fly by a little quicker. Before we know it the holidays will be here and then we can take a week off for our anniversary to spend with each other. Woot.

Not much else to report on. Just watching for the discounts to come around so we can book the May trip for our 5k at Disney. Hopefully by the end of this month we might know something. I know at the end of Oct/beg of Nov we can start booking our dining reservations. Yay!

Time to go fix something for dinner. Catch ya'll later!


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