Sunday, May 12, 2013

Pictures from the trip

Sorry it's been a while since I have been back to update. Life has been crazy due to the issues that happened during the race. I guess I should back up and start with day one though.

Our flight was delayed thanks to a heavy rainstorm in Orlando itself. Our pilot arranged for a back up airport just in case we couldn't land in Orlando. So that required more fuel for us. We took off about an hour later. However that allowed the storms to get better so by the time we landed it wasn't horrible and we made it safe and sound.

We caught the magical express and managed to get a front seat which is very coveted for the picture when you go under the welcome sign. I have a few of these already so I didn't bother to take another one. Our resort, which was All Star Resorts was the first one to get dropped off at. I had completed the online check in so we walked right up to the counter and got our room. We managed to get one of the requests which was the "near transportation" and quiet. It was a quick 3 min walk to the front to catch a bus, or grab a bite to eat. While the all star sports was nice it was very overrun with cheerleaders. They were in town for a cheer competition that started on Sat and went through Sun.

Anyways, we get to our room and unpacked as we only did carry on luggage since it was a shorter trip. After unpacking we made our way to the main building to go catch a bus to Epcot. It was dreary out and we knew there was a good chance for rain. We were on a mission to find some poncho's just in case. However most of the front stores we didn't see any right away so decided instead of shopping we wanted to go on a ride so Spaceship earth it was. It's in the huge golf ball and it's so iconic and a must do for us everytime.

After our trip through time we made our way over to Ellen's Energy show/ride. We had never tried it and we wanted to try some new things this trip. Plus test track was down due to the rain and lightning. Soarin had like an hour wait and ellen's only had a 5 minute one. Hmm. Which would you choose.

So after coming out of that we were making our way to the world showcase and were just barely in Mexico and it poured down hard. I told Ian we needed to find poncho's because I didn't want to be soaked all day and we had dinner reservations for Le Cellier in Canada at 6:30. So we came upon a shop in Mexico and we heard angels singing and shine a light on the poncho's. Yay! So after putting those on we found a quick snack of pretzels and made our way around to Norway as we had to go on Maelstrom. I love the troll country. Plus it's indoor ride and wanted to get out of the downpour. We really had a good time and the rain cooled things down and it was little to no humidity which surprised me. We toured our way around looking at the beautiful flower topiary's they had out for the Flower and Garden Festival. You will see some pictures below from this.

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